New manufacturer – Kisling

Kisling logo

We are happy to announce that Skład Techniczny has begun working with a new company.

Founded in 1862 in Switzerland, Kisling is currently a leading manufacturer of industry-grade chemical products. Since 1980, the company has been a part of the Würth Group, operating world-wide and supplying a wide range of industries, such as electrical engineering and electronics, machine and plant construction, vehicle construction and maintenance and repairs.

Kisling’s offer includes high-strength structural adhesives based on (meth)acrylate and epoxy, anaerobic adhesives, instant adhesives, as well as RTV silicones and encapsulants based on epoxy and polyurethane, all suitable for a wide variety of applications in almost all industrial sectors and specialist trade. Constantly developing new and improved application-specific adhesive and sealant solutions, the company remains a trusted industry leader.

User safety and environmental sustainability are essential parts of the company’s philosophy, their adhesives have been free of hazard pictogram products for over 2 decades, complying with all international quality standards and guidelines.