New manufacturer – PPI Adhesive Products

In an effort to continuously expand and improve our offer, Skład Techniczny has begun working with a new manufacturer.

PPI Adhesive Products Ltd is an Irish company, founded in 1970, currently operating in 55 countries all over the world. It specialises in technical adhesive tapes for industrial use. They produce an extensive and sophisticated range of tapes, made of many different materials and meant for various applications such as the electrical, electronic, aerospace, automotive and medical industries. Their offer includes electrical insulation tapes based on films, paper and cloth combinations, with adhesive possibilities including rubber, acrylic and silicones. PPI also produces shielding tapes for EMI shielding, grounding and static charge dissipation, as well as self-adhesive thermally conductive tapes that dissipate heat from sensitive components and devices throughout their lifetime, protecting against damage from overheating. The manufacturer also produces a range of specialised masking and surface protection tapes and double-sided mounting tapes – for both temporary and permanent applications.

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