Bundling and fixing

Bundling and fixing

HellermannTyton bundling and fixing products include many types of cable ties and fixing elements. Cable ties are made of various materials and come in a wide range of colours. Due to their high strength, they provide a secure fixing for bundles of cables, wires or other items, as well as fixing them to structural components. Due to their structure and materials, cable ties are available in a wide selection of types and designs, adapted to various applications. The cable ties can also have various properties, such as resistance to UV radiation, high or low temperatures, aggressive environments, etc. In terms of structure, there are cable ties with an inside serration, outside serration or without serration, reusable or releasable zip ties, and cable ties with fixing elements. The use of suitable cable ties for bundling and fixing of cables and wires greatly facilitates and speeds up installation time, improves performance and extends the time of trouble-free operation.
Fixing elements for cable ties, wires and pipes, on the other hand, are essential during the assembly of many installations.

  • Plastic cable ties

    Standard and premium. Standard cable ties are lower cost cable ties made from standard polyamide 6.6 (nylon) granulate. The premium class cable ties have inside or outside serration and are made from the highest quality polyamide 6.6 (nylon) granulate, with a very low secondary granulate content or made from 100% primary granulate.

  • Metal cable ties

    Highly durable stainless steel cable ties (SS304) and acid resistant stainless steel cable ties (SS316). Ideal for working in harsh conditions.

  • Cable ties with fixing elements

    Cable ties with integral fixing elements. Designed for professional installation work. They allow a bundle of wires to be tied together and attached to various structural elements at the same time.

  • Releasable cable ties

    Reusable cable ties. They allow the same tie to be repeatedly fastened and unfastened, thus enabling the temporary fixing and bundling of cables, wires and other items.

  • Special cable ties

    Cable ties for specific applications. Including those with inside and outside serrations, identification, made from special materials and having a special design.

  • Clips and clamps

    Metal and plastic clips, clamps and snappers.

  • Fixing elements

    Fixing elements for cable ties, cables and corrugated tubing as well as other products for bundling and fixing of cables and wires. Cable tie mounts available in screw or self-adhesive mounting.