Clips and clamps

Our offer includes top quality clips and clamps for permanent or semi-permanent cable fixing. We offer tried and tested products from well-known brands like HellermannTyton, guaranteeing convenient assembly and long service life. Thanks to a wide range of sizes, each customer will find a suitable solution for each hose, pipe or cable.


Popular for many years, clips and clamps are still widely used for securing individual wires, cables, pipes and hoses. Depending on the application, clips can be made from metals, usually steel or aluminium, or from plastic, usually nylon (polyamide 6.6), although more and more often they are made from more durable plastics, e.g. PEEK. Both steel and aluminium clamps are available with or without a protective profile (steel-rubber or aluminium-neoprene clamps). The purpose of the protective profile is to protect the sensitive coating of the hose or cable from damage. 

Some plastic clamps are equipped with protective profiles made of soft materials, e.g. silicone. Due to their extremely high mechanical strength, our pipe, cable and hose clamps are suitable for use under nearly all conditions, even at high temperatures. Assembly and disassembly takes place by simply screwing the clamp into the ground, making the products reusable. The clamps can bear even very heavy loads and they remain resistant to damage over a long period of time.

Made from polyamide, the P-Clip has an extremely good temperature and tear resistance, and a high mechanical strength. The wide range of available sizes makes it easy to select the most suitable clamp. These products are used for permanent or temporary fixing of cables in many industries, and can be used without a cable tie. They are lightweight, yet very strong at the same time, which makes them ideal for use in demanding environments such as aircraft and aerospace.

Ratchet P-clamps

Although P-clamps are still popular in many industries, they do have their drawbacks. The first one is the need for the clamping element to be installed together with the cable or pipe. In the case of a very heavy cable, this operation is difficult and time consuming. In order to compensate for this disadvantage, the Ratchet P-Clamp has been developed. This type of clamping element combines the features of a P-clamp with those of a snapper clamp. The design of the P-clamp consists of a base, which is bolted to the floor, and a half ring, connected to the base on one side. The other side of the half ring is a serrated tongue, which is then inserted into a lock integrated into the base. The lock works similarly to a cable tie. 

The design of the clamp makes it possible to divide the assembly into two operations – assembly of the clamping element and of the cable into the clamping element – but also to freely adjust the diameter of the clamp and force exerted on the cable and to quickly release the clamp when needed. This last feature is especially interesting, as it enables efficient servicing of vehicles and devices equipped with such fixings.

Snapper clips

The hose and cable clips we offer are designed to fix and seal flexible, low pressure hoses on metal stub-tubes or pipes and are widely used in many industries such as automotive or medical. They can be used in both hydraulic and pneumatic installations. They are a much quicker and more convenient alternative to traditional screw-locked clamps, known as metal hose clamps. The main advantage of Snapper hose clips is that no tools are required for their assembly, however the use of ASPN/MSPN tools can provide a stronger tensing. As snappers are made from composites, they are ideal for use in installations exposed to high humidity and high vibration. They are also used in pumps and hydraulic systems of medical apparatus and in the manufacture of white goods.

Snapper hose clip with self-locking mechanism designed for repeated use. The clip is released by giving a lateral movement to the head, the fastening and unfastening is extremely quick and easy, up to 5 times faster than that of a screw clamp. Installation can be done by hand, or with ASNP/MSNP tools, for a stronger and more secure tensioning. The clip is made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6.6, which makes it resistant to higher temperatures and high vibrations.

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