Fixing elements

Fixing elements

Fixing elements is a very general term, and a wide variety of products can be included in this group. Our offer includes fixing elements for cable management, i.e. elements used for direct fixing of cables and wires as well as elements used indirectly for this purpose, e.g. cable tie mounts, but also elements used for fixing cable trays or fastening corrugated tubing. We have divided our offer into the following categories, based on the application of the products:

Since cable ties are a very popular and versatile product, special fixing elements for them were created. Cable tie mounts are available in screw or self-adhesive mountings. Self-adhesive elements are particularly popular, mainly because of the quick installation. However, it should be noted that self-adhesive parts feature different types of adhesives, with different fixing properties, and the only thing they have in common is the need to degrease the surface before installation.

In addition to self-adhesive and screw-fixed elements, you can find special elements for fixing in round and oval holes, on edges and on pins. The same elements are often available in a version with a tie as so-called two-part fixing ties. 

The flexible, self-adhesive mount for the FMB cable ties, designed for rounded and angled surfaces. The mount is flexible enough to adapt to the shape of the surface. The irregularities in the surface are levelled out by the special, thickly layered acrylic adhesive, which has excellent adhesion to various surfaces, including difficult ones such as plastics with low surface energy. The element can also be used as a classic self-adhesive base for flat surfaces.

The KR/CTM fixing mount is ideal for fastening and securing cables. The curved design provides additional cable support. The mount is simple to install with a screw or bolt so that the fixing is resistant to even strong vibrations. Used with cable ties up to 7.6mm wide, it was specifically designed to be used with the KR series of ties. The product is ideal for securing heavier cable bundles and wires, making it ideal for use in agricultural machinery, trucks and equipment.

If you wish to fix a cable directly, without using cable ties, fixing elements with holders are the ideal solution. They are suitable for cables of any shape and configuration of wires. In terms of fixing to the surface, the products can be divided into the same groups as cable tie mounts. We offer a wide range of screw and self-adhesive mounts, Tape Clips and many other items in various sizes to organise loose cables and bring order to any installation. All fixing elements for cables offered are made from high quality materials, by known brands such as HellermannTyton.

This one-piece, self-adhesive fixing mount ensures extremely simple and quick installation of flat ribbon and round cables. It can be unfastened and refastened at any time to add or remove wires. The FKH mounts have been designed for flat ribbon cables, particularly those used in computer equipment, gaming machines and domestic appliances, but thanks their flexibility, they can also be successfully used with round cables.

The self-adhesive clip with a flexible flat design from the SAC series has a metal tongue which can be bent freely to suit any shape or configuration of cables and wires. The maximum bundle width for this product is 12mm.

HellermannTyton’s WPC clip is designed for both single and multiple wires. The rectangular shaped clip allows for installation in hard-to-reach places, while taking up very little space. The arrowhead makes the installation simple and secure, it simply pushes wires into place, preventing them from accidentally slipping out. Used for, amongst other things, the installation of cables within switchgear and domestic appliance manufacture. Access to only one side of the sheet metal is required to mount the clip.

The Automatic Harness Clip (AHC) is an extremely quick and simple method of fixing wires. Originally developed for the automotive industry, it is now used wherever steel sheets are found. Simple and quick to install, the clip is simply pressed into a pre-drilled hole and the cable is inserted, when the clip automatically clicks into place.

The fixing elements for corrugated tubing offered in our shop are part of HellermannTyton’s CTC series. Providing a robust and solid fixing for pipes, they are suitable for both inside and outside use. They help to prevent excessive compression and bending of the tubing, which can affect its permeability. The products are resistant to environmental factors such as rain, wind and moisture. Easy and convenient to install, they are used in a variety of construction and installation work. We offer products of various diameters, so that every customer can find a product perfectly suited to their needs.

A fixing element with a fir tree provides a fast and durable fixing of corrugated tubing. Thanks to the fins on the fir tree, the clamp can also be used within threaded blind holes. The inside profile of the clamp prevents the axial slipping of the clamped pipe. The product is most commonly used in the automotive and electrical industries.

We also offer other fixing elements such as spring pins and rivets, used for example to fix wiring ducts in control panels and switching systems.

One-piece plastic rivets are designed for simple, fast joining of parts without using screws. The pin is pushed into the rivet using a special tool. Simple to use, they are ideal for joining panels, or components to panels in a wide range of industries from automotive to panel building, saving costs and labour time. Also used in line production and for the fitting of switchboards and control panels.

Wiring duct rivets with three fixing wedges guarantee a secure and fast fixing of wiring ducts. Special tools are available for applying the rivets – B4RT4 (for R4 rivets) and B6RT6 (for R6 rivets).

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