Plastic cable ties

Plastic cable ties

Cable ties are used for the secure bundling and fixing of all types of cables and wires. Made from flexible plastics (known as thermoplastics), they are extremely flexible, allowing for an excellent fit to the shape of the cable, wire or pipe bundle being secured.

Cable ties can be divided into two groups: serrated and those without serration (with a smooth strap). The former consist of a serrated band and a head with a ratchet. The tie’s assembly involves threading the end of the band through the head. The ratchet in the head skips over the serrations on the band, preventing it from moving backwards (locking mechanism), thus creating a very strong link. The loop can always be made smaller, tightening the bundle. Ties can be inside serrated (the serrations are on the inside of the loop) or outside serrated (the serrations remain on the outside of the loop, minimising the risk of damage to the insulation of the wires being tied).

In the case of ties without serration the strap is smooth and the locking is achieved either by a steel tongue in the head (older solution) or by a pin which is pressed into the band.

Cable ties are extremely versatile products and have countless applications, including the bundling and fixing of wires and cables in the production of cable harnesses, but also during assembly and installation work, or in repairs and renovations. They are also useful in packaging, especially for closing various types of bags, or as additional reinforcement or protection. They are used both in large-scale production and at home, as a temporary or permanent solution.

In our shop we offer a wide variety of cable ties made of different materials. The most common one is polyamide 6.6 (commercial name Nylon 6.6, hence the term nylon ties), but there are also cable ties made of more specialised materials, resistant to low and high temperatures, or to aggressive chemicals, UV radiation or other radiation. Ties available in a wide range of sizes and colours, our offer includes products ideally suited to the individual needs of every client, professional and amateur alike.

The standard cable ties are made from standard polyamide 6.6 (nylon). They offer a reliable solution at a more affordable price than premium ties. We offer a wide range of ties in various sizes, with strap widths ranging from 2.5mm to 7.6mm and lengths from 100mm to 760mm.

A Ty-Its cable tie, made from cheaper granulated polyamide 6.6, in a natural colour. Effectively fixes, binds and secures cables, wires, pipes and more. Great for home use.

Premium quality cable ties are made from the highest quality granulated polyamide 6.6 (nylon) granulate, with a very low secondary granulate content, or from 100% primary granulate, making them extremely strong and flexible. The premium cable ties meets the highest standards, confirmed by various certificates and approvals, e.g. UL, DIN, GL/DNV, Lloyd, EN45545-2, MIL, VD, Det Norske Veritas.

Available in a wide range of colours such as white, black, blue, red, yellow, green and brown, these cable ties will clearly mark, divide and organise installations, improving the safety and organisation of the work place.

We offer both inside and outside serrated cable ties of the premium class.

Traditional cable ties, in which the serrations remain on the inside of the closed loop. This type of cable tie is ideal for bundling cables, pipes and various types of packaging. They can also be used at home to secure balcony covers and prevent them from coming loose or to tidy up loose cables. They provide a solid and durable fixing and are very easy to use. The serrations on the inside of the band of the cable tie provide additional surface roughness, which further improves the adhesion, especially to flexible materials. The specially designed head guarantees a high breaking strength and does not require much force to be tightened. The professional installation of these cable ties (with simultaneous cutting off of the excess band) can be carried out using both manual and pneumatic tools.

Traditional inside serrated HellermannTyton cable tie, natural colour. Manufactured from Polyamide 6.6, these ties offer high tensile strength with low insertion force, ensuring a simple and quick installation.

Our offer also includes cable ties with open lock heads, which allow the quick and easy insertion of the tie even in difficult installation conditions.

A cable tie from the renowned HellermannTyton company with an open head, black, made from polyamide 6.6. The unique open head design reduces assembly time by up to 25% and has a convenient pre-locking function for pre-locking cables, wires and other objects.

Another type of inside serrated cable ties that we offer are the innovative wide cable ties with low profile heads and high flexibility, which provide better force distribution on ductile pipes and soft hoses. These types of ties are ideal for bundling and fixing heavy weight pipes, hoses and bundles, for example in the “heavy duty” industry.

Extremely tear resistant, outside serrated cable ties do not require a high insertion force, making the assembly simple. As the serrations are on the outside of the tie, the band remains smooth on the side of the cable bundle, offering excellent protection against damage to the insulation, for example in the event of vibration. The specially curved shape of the head ensures that the tie fits snugly over the cable and minimises the space taken up by the tie. These products are most commonly used in areas where vibration occurs, particularly in the rail, automotive and aerospace industries. In our shop we offer a wide range of outside serrated cable ties in sizes from 2.4mm to 9.0mm wide and from 100mm to 385mm long.

Outside serrated cable tie from the OS product family from HellermannTyton. The product offers high tear resistance, low insertion force and a smooth surface from the side of the cables’ insulation, protecting it from mechanical damage. The tie is ideal for use in any industry where thin and soft insulated cables are used, for example silicone ones. The cable tie is made from polyamide 4.6, which in contrast to the standard polyamide 6.6, offers a greater operating temperature range from -40ºC to +150ºC.

Our offer also includes cable ties with two heads. These can be used to create an inside and outside serrated loop, allowing two separate cables or bundles to be run in parallel using a single tie. 

They also allow for the cables to be bundled to a structure and secured while separated from the surface of the structure. This is particularly important in areas of high vibration, such as the automotive and rail industries, as it reduces the risk of damage to the cable insulation caused by abrasion. Two-head ties are also great for the packaging industry, where the first loop closes and secures the bag and the second loop serves as a handle.

Cable tie with two heads from the well-known and trusted brand HellermannTyton. Forms two loops which can be freely adjusted to individual needs.

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