Releasable cable ties

Releasable cable ties are ideal for use in temporary installations, or those where some of the cables are frequently added or removed. Designed to be reusable, these cable ties feature a special locking mechanism, which on one side is flexible enough to allow the tie to be unfastened and refastened several times, and on the other side is rigid enough to ensure that the cable tie is strong enough. The ties provide a comfortable and solid fixing, both permanent and temporary. They are used in countless applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Available in a variety of colours, they are also great for segregating and marking different categories of cables and wires. In our shop we offer cable ties from the best manufacturers, such as HellermannTyton, in various sizes and in packs of 5 to 500 pieces, so that every customer can find a model that meets their individual needs and preferences.

Nylon releasable cable tie

Nylon ties (made from polyamide 6.6), similar to the standard cable ties, are the most commonly used releasable ties. The ratchets of these cable ties have an extended lever, making them easier to release. However, due to the need for multiple releases, more flexible material is used. In order to reduce the risk of damage to the cables being bundled, the releasable ties can be outside serrated. This ensures that the insulation of the wiring is not damaged or chafed, even when bundled very tightly.

As an additional security measure, a second eyelet can be positioned on the head of the tie – threading the tie through this protects the ratchet from accidental release. 

From HellermannTyton’s SpeedyTie product family, this tie is one of the largest reusable cable ties available on the market. Thanks to the patented Speedy-Click quick release mechanism, it is possible to release the tie extremely quickly, without having to take off protective gloves. At the same time the tie can bear loads of up to 888N (approximately 90kg). The unused end of the tie can be tucked into the head holder so that it does not interfere with other activities and keeps the whole thing looking neat. The Speedy Tie range is available in two colours – signal yellow and weatherproof black (UV resistant). These ties are used in both electrical and heating installations, as well as ventilation and air conditioning. They can also be used in gardening, agriculture and exhibitions and trade fairs. They are also useful in domestic applications, used by exhibition and transport companies.

Releasable cable ties from HellermannTyton’s REZ series have a unique patented head, which makes them quick and easy to use. The quick release mechanism makes it possible to release the tie with just one hand, even while wearing gloves. Used, for example, in the packaging industry to close sacks, when access to the contents may be required or for subsequent resealing.

Flexible releasable cable ties

In addition to nylon cable ties made from standard polyamide 6.6 (PA66), we also offer releasable cable ties made from flexible materials, such as thermoplastic polyurethane. These types of ties are used everywhere where the ability to repeatedly fasten and unfasten is required. For example in orchards and nurseries where, in addition to the delicate nature of the fixing of the tie, resistance to atmospheric conditions, particularly UV radiation, is very important.

Extremely flexible and versatile cable tie from HellermannTyton’s SOFTIX product family. It is made from soft and mechanically resistant thermoplastic polyurethane, which makes it resistant to UV radiation, moisture and other adverse weather conditions. It is suitable for use in temperatures as low as -40ºC. Due to the flexibility of the material, the tie is used for bundling and fixing delicate data communication cables and optical fibres, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and nurseries. It is ideal for temporary fixation for presentations, concerts, theatres and exhibitions.

Hook and loop releasable cable ties

Hook and loop ties are an extremely quick and easy way to bundle cables, as their installation requires no tools. The ties are reusable and retain their properties up to approximately 400 uses. They are ideal for temporary fixings, because of the simple and quick fastening and unfastening. Thanks to the material from which they are made, these ties are insensitive to corrosion and adverse climatic conditions. They are also very gentle on cables, so they are commonly used with cables with sensitive insulation such as structured cabling and optical fibres. In our shop we offer hook and loop ties in various colours, which allows visible sorting of cables and wires.

Hook and loop cable tie from HellermannTyton’s TEXTIE product family. It is waste-free, non-corrosive and extremely resistant to ageing. This reusable cable tie is used for bundling telephone cables, optical fibres and network cables. It is also ideal for temporary installations and cable management for stage equipment, at outdoor events or for prototype harnessing. Available in many colours such as white, black, red, blue, yellow and green.

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