Special cable ties

In addition to standard cable ties, our offer also includes ties made from special materials and with special properties, such as magnetic detection, resistance to low (from -80ºC) or high (up to +240ºC) temperatures, resistance to radiation (ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, as well as gamma radiation), or aggressive chemical compounds, such as those found in medicine or the food industry. In addition to cable ties made from special plastics, we offer cable ties specially designed for specific applications.

Standard inside serrated cable tie from HellermannTyton. Made from Polyamide 4.6 this cable tie is resistant to high temperatures from -40ºC up to +150ºC. Thanks to its well-designed and manufactured head, the tie is extremely strong, while maintaining a relatively low insertion force. This allows for a simple and quick installation, either manually or with an application tool. The tie is ideal for fixing, bundling and securing cables, hoses and pipes in hot environments (e.g. combustion engine blocks). It is halogen-free and guarantees low smoke generation in case of fire, which is particularly important in the construction of mass transit vehicles.

HellermannTyton’s metal content cable tie was specifically designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical processing industries. Designed to reduce the risk of the produce being contaminated with pieces of plastics used in the production process, it is made from a special polyamide compound, with the addition of a metal particles. Thanks to the metal particles, both the whole tie and its separate pieces are magnetically and X-ray detectable. This property is particularly important during Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) production processes. The unique blue colour of the tie allows for quick and easy detection of possible contamination during optical inspection. The tie is also ideal for sealing transport containers and bags as well as bundling and fixing wires and cables in production machines.

Outside serrated cable ties made from Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) can be used in the wide range of temperatures from -55°C up to + 260°C. They have excellent resistance to radiation and acids. PEEK cable ties have a much higher tensile strength than nylon ties, with an identical tie cross section. As a result, they offer a very good ratio of the tie’s weight to its clamping force, which is extremely important in the aviation industry. The low insertion force of 6 N allows for a very simple assembly. The outside serrated PT2A tie has a smooth inner surface to prevent damage to the bundle. The curved head allows the tie to take up less space, and hence makes it perfect for use in limited spaces. The PEEK ties have been developed for the Ministry of Defence and Aircraft industry in co-operation with leading companies, specifically for use in extreme environments. Due to their resistance to environmental influence, they are used in the aerospace, defence, mining, petrochemical, automotive and rail vehicle industries, while their resistance to radiation allows them to be used in medical technology, the chemical industry and power generation. These products combine the mechanical and chemical resistance of steel ties with the assembly convenience of polyamide ties.

Cable tie with a smooth strap, locked by a glass fibre reinforced pin. Provides an approx. 50% increase in tensile strength and excellent vibration resistance. The lack of serration minimises the risk of any damage to the cables, even when bundled tightly. The specially designed, chamfered head guarantees a firm fit around the entire connection surface of the bundled curved components such as a hose and a pipe. The unique locking mechanism of the tie ensures that after locking, a defined loop is retained, no accidental self-tightening of the loop occurs. 

Available as an endless strap with separately sold heads, and as fixed length ties with integrated heads. KR ties are ideal for bundling and securing heavier cables and wires in harsh environments. Due to their design these ties are not only ideal for bundling cables, but also for securing bellows on steering racks, water hoses or vacuum lines.

A cable tie with two heads, which allows parallel routing of two bundles of cables at the same time, maintaining a defined distance between them. Assembly is quick and easy, requiring no tools. The ties creates an inside and outside serrated loop, the size of both loops can be adjusted. The DH tie is also used in the packaging industry, where the first loop is used to close or secure the bag and the second loop acts as a carrying handle. 

The practical HellermannTyton identification cable tie with marker plate combines the functions of two products – it simultaneously binds and secures the cable bundle and clearly marks and identifies it. The plate can be labelled by hand using the T82 series marker pen or by using a self-adhesive label of the right size.

Made from very strong and chemically resistant Polyacetal (POM), HellermannTyton’s EL-TY series of cable ties consists of an endless strap and separate spacers and heads with stainless steel ratchets. The tie is extremely resistant to ageing and sunlight (UV resistant), while still providing a secure fixing. Thanks to its flexibility, the EL-TY cable tie allows the bundling of materials such as cables, pipes and circuits of large diameters. Originally designed for the securing of overhead catenary and cables (special spacers available), thanks to its tensile strength and UV resistance it is used as a successful replacement for steel straps in the building sector, chemical industry, installation of signs for traffic management, and many other applications. In addition to the strap+heads set, we also offer separate heads and spacers for use with this tie. 

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