Cable and spiral wraps

In our shop we offer a wide range of cable and spiral wraps from renowned brand HellermannTyton, which guarantees the highest quality at an affordable price. The products are available in lengths from 2m to 30m and diameters of 16mm (for single wires and smaller bundles) or 30mm (for larger groups of cables) to suit the individual needs and preferences of each customer. The wraps are suitable for use in all conditions and meet all safety standards. They provide long-lasting protection for cables and wires, as well as safety, comfort and organisation in the workplace.

Spiral wraps are used to protect cables as well as flexible hoses and pipes. They are commonly used in production and both office and home environments. Thanks to their special design, the wraps can be freely attached to already installed wiring, and the assembly itself is a simple and comfortable process for which neither specialised tools nor previous experience are needed. Wraps protect the hoses not only from mechanical damage, but also from the harmful effects of chemical substances. The spiral wraps we offer are made of polyethylene, which has an increased fire resistance ,thanks to its excellent protective properties. Therefore, they are suitable for use in places with an increased fire risk. They are indispensable in many industrial sectors such as aviation, car manufacturing and railways.

From the known and trusted manufacturer HellermannTyton, the spiral binding is made from flame-retardant polyethylene and offers enhanced flame protection. Easy and comfortable to use, it can be applied onto cables and pipes after installation, guarantees high resistance to mechanical damage. Indispensable in the automotive industry, commonly used with control panels and cabinets and many other applications.

Protective cable wraps provide a fully effective and convenient way to ensure protection of cables and wires. They work similarly to a zipper and thanks to their special design, you can insert and remove the cable at any place in the hose, so that entire installations can be protected using just one product. The wraps can be shortened to perfectly fit each task. A high degree of flexibility allows them to be placed and assembled in any position. They are easy to use, requiring little experience.  They protect the wiring from mechanical damage while keeping the workplace organised and tidy. They are made of material with a high flame-retardant rating, which makes them suitable for use in areas with more stringent fire safety requirements.

HellermannTyton’s Helawrap cable cover effectively bundles, fixes and protects cables and wires against mechanical damage. The assembly process works similarly to a zipper, making the inserting of both single and multiple cables at once easy and convenient due to the special profile of the tube. A handy applicator tool to make the process easier is included in the package. The wraps can be fixed in any position and to any surface, adapting to any installation. The product has a high flammability rating (UL94 V0), so it is suitable for use in areas with strict fire safety requirements, such as rail vehicle construction.

Cable wrap accessories

We also offer specialised accessories for binding, protecting and fixing cables in control cabinets. They work similarly to a zipper, closing around the cable. Made from flexible and highly durable polypropylene plastic, accessories such as fixings and bases make it easy to fix hoses to other surfaces, speeding up installation and improving working comfort. 

A fixing clip from the HWClip family of accessories for the Helawrap cable management system. Designed to firmly and permanently fix the cable wrap. Due to the unique coupling system, the clip can be joined to a mounting plate or other clips of any size. They can also be linked together to form chains, where each part can rotate freely in relation to the others. The product allows any number of wires to be joined and run together, tidying up and organising installations. It can be easily released and re-used.

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