Corrugated tubing

Corrugated tubing offers great cable protection, guaranteeing the proper functioning and extended service life of cables and wires. In our store we offer corrugated pipes of the best quality, made from materials such as steel and PVC, from a trusted, world-class manufacturer HellermannTyton.

These products provide long-lasting cable protection against mechanical damages caused by tension, abrasion and strain, environmental factors such as moisture, extreme temperatures and UV radiation, as well as common workplace contaminants. The pipes are widely used in many industries such as the construction and automotive sectors.

Apart from the corrugated tubing itself, we also offer a full range of related accessories such as elbows, connectors, nuts and fixing strips, so that our customers are able to find everything they need for a safe and durable installation in one place.

Corrugated pipes made from steel are extremely resistant to crushing, stretching and impact. Due to their corrugated texture, they are also highly flexible, making them easy to use and suitable for use in hard-to-reach places and demanding working conditions. They effectively protect cables and wires not only from mechanical damage but also from the harmful effects of chemicals such as acids and alkalis. Ideal for use in machinery parks and industrial plants.

HellermannTyton’s HelaGuard protective corrugated pipe is made from galvanised steel. It protects cables from mechanical damage and is extremely resistant to impact, crushing and stretching. The tube has a diameter of 10mm and is 10m long. It is suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures from -100ºC to 300ºC. Most commonly used in machine building, industrial plants, for cable routing in underfloor installations, in offices and for hydraulic and pneumatic cable protection. Furthermore, it is ideally suited for use in both the electronics and electrotechnical industries.

Made from durable plastic and reinforced with a steel spiral, PVC corrugated tubing offers both high flexibility and exceptional resistance to ageing. This way of protecting cables ensures efficient and long-term functioning. When crushed, they return to their original shape. The products we offer are suitable for use even in extreme temperatures (individual products differ in the temperature range in which they operate). In the event of a fire, the tubes are characterised by low smoke emission and negligible toxicity. They contain no halogens, sulphur or phosphorus and comply with strict safety standards. 

Thin-walled corrugated pipe made of PA6 (polyamide 6) plastic, with a13mm diameter and length of 50m. It is lightweight, convenient to use and has a small bending radius. Extremely flexible, the pipe is highly resistant to mechanical damage such as impact and crushing, it quickly returns to its original shape. It has high resistance to chemicals such as solvents and oils, and environmental factors such as UV radiation. It contains no halogens, sulphur or phosphorus and is self-extinguishing. It guarantees long-lasting protection of cables in machine building, plant construction, control panels and public buildings and wherever lower mechanical protection is required. Ideal for use in the electronics industry.

Corrugated tubing accessories

In our shop we also offer a wide range of corrugated pipe fittings, both metal and plastic. A wide range of models ensures a perfect match for each installation and the individual preferences of each customer. HellermannTyton’s products protect the tubing against various external factors, as well as prevent dust and moisture from getting inside them. We offer end fittings made of durable and robust materials such as polypropylene, which perform well in a wide range of conditions and temperatures. We have models with the PG rotary male thread, the M metric male thread, UH rotary mounting bracket and many more. All products are resistant to vibration and stress, chemicals and UV radiation.

Fitting for the highly flexible FlexiGuard steel spiral reinforced PVC protective pipe, 45mm diameter. The one-piece fitting has a straight swivel external thread, and meets IP54 ingress protection requirements. It is resistant to vibrations and tension and has an internal sleeve to further protect the cables. The product has high resistance to chemicals, UV radiation and ozone. It effectively protects pipes from dust and moisture ingress. Suitable for use in electrical installations, the electrotechnical industry and telecommunications.

Nipple elbow 90° for HelaGuard corrugated metal tubing, made of nickel-plated brass (NPB). IP68 ingress protection when used with sealing washers. Fitted with PG7 internal and external threads, suitable for use in a wide temperature range from -100°C to 300°C.

Part of the SC-PC series, the connector acts as a locking device to provide a smooth entry bush. The two-part, threadless fitting is made from nickel-plated brass and is suitable for 10mm diameter HelaGuard SC corrugated steel tubing. IP40 rated.

In addition, we also offer nuts, connectors, fixing strips, pipe clamps and many other accessories for corrugated tubing.

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