Protective sleeves

Protective sleeves

Protective sleeves are used when assembling cables. They allow cables to be organised, bound and fastened. Above all, they provide protection for cables against external factors, including electromagnetic protection. Depending on the specific application, braided sleeves are made from a variety of materials with very different properties. As a result, they are used both in construction or household installations as well as in the most demanding and sophisticated production processes – from IT to aerospace industry.

We offer HellermannTyton Helagaine products dedicated to various applications.

Oploty ochronne do zabezpieczania przewodów hydraulicznych w aplikacji

Heat and flame retardant braided sleeves

HEGMAN braided sleeving 

Made from non-flammable meta-aramid, they are resistant to high temperatures. The operating temperature range is from -60°C to +240°C. In addition, these braided sleeves are extremely flexible and resistant to abrasion. Their high expansion allows easy installation over long lengths. They are also highly resistant to radiation and liquids. These heavy-duty braids are used in very demanding applications, including the aerospace, military, railway and ship-building industries.

Flame resistant HEGPV0 braided sleeving

These fire-resistant braided sleeves made of sturdy polyester are designed for applications where fire protection is an absolute priority, for example in control cabinets, robotics and automatic equipment. They are self-extinguishing according to UL94 V0 and are suitable for railway vehicle manufacturing.

HEGPA66 braided sleeving

These heat-resistant braided sleeves are highly flexible and expandable. Made from heavy-duty polyamide yarn, they feature excellent abrasion resistance. They are ideal for the automotive and railway industries.

Oploty ochronne meta-aramidowe HellermannTyton
Oploty ochronne poliestrowe HEGPV004 HellermannTyton
Oploty ochronne z poliamidu HEGPA6603

Braided sleeves for electromagnetic protection

HEGEMIP braided sleeving

These braided sleeves combine excellent electromagnetic protection and superior abrasion protection. They are extremely flexible and expandable. They can be bent over 90 °, which makes them easy to apply and particularly suitable for applications with restricted space or requiring movement. They are manufactured from a material mixture consisting of halogen-free polyester (anti-abrasion yarn) and tin plated copper (shielding yarn). This combination provides shielding while reducing weight as opposed to full metal shielding sleeves.

An additional advantage of the product is that it is supplied with an inner disposable tube that protects the sleeve from deformation and ensures easy insertion of cables.

These braided sleeves fulfil the requirements of IEC CISPR25. They are ideal for highly sensitive electronics, such as electrical machines and appliances, radio equipment, automotive and military engineering.

Self-closing sleeves

Twist-In self-closing sleeving

It is a self-closing, reusable protective sleeve. It can be opened with a single movement and the bundle is always easily accessible, making inspection and maintenance operations more efficient. It is made of durable polyester and therefore has great abrasion resistance. These sleeves are used in machine-building, automation, electrical installations as well as automobile and truck manufacturing. They also provide reliable cable protection in offices and at outdoor events.

HELAHOOK re-sealable protective sleeving

The HELAHOOK series are reusable protective sleeves made of polyester with hook and loop sealing system. They are very elastic, fitting snugly around the cables. The braided sleeving can be closed and re-opened at any time, making it an irreplaceable accessory for post-termination cable organisation and wherever repeated use is a necessity.

Oplot ochronny Helagaine Twist-In z wiązką kabli wewnątrz
Oplot ochronny otwieralny z zapięciem rzepowym HellermanTyton

Protection sleeves for hydraulic hoses

HEGWS protection sleeving

These are special braided sleeves for protecting hydraulic hoses, with exceptional tear and abrasion resistance. HEGWS braids protect equipment and people working near earth moving machinery and in activities involving mechanical vibration where injury could occur due to leaks emitting high-pressure liquid jets. HEGWS braided sleeves are made of polyamide.

They fulfil the requirements of EN ISO 3457 and EN 1299 standards.

If the braided sleeving is cut with ordinary scissors, the ends will most likely fray. Therefore, it is recommended to use a hot cutting tool, which allows the sleeve to be cut without fraying the ends. The cable sleeve cutter is a convenient tool that heats up quickly with the press of button and cuts in seconds. The tool causes the yarn to melt and fuse together. HSGO is a very light and handy tool with a sturdy construction.