Cleaners and degreasers

Chemical cleaners and degreasers are essential in every professional service and home workshop. Our offer includes professional chemical products from well-known and reputable manufacturers, such as Varybond, Cramolin and Rocol. All offered products meet international industrial standards, ensuring not only maximum efficiency, but also a safe work environment.

Spraywash Cramolin w aplikacji


Preparations dedicated for gentle yet effective cleaning of electronic components ensure the safe maintenance of even the finest components and print circuits. By penetrating the structure of the cleaned material, they remove oils, fats, grease and other contaminants that may affect the proper functioning of the equipment. Furthermore, the cleaners we offer have moisturising properties and do not leave any residue. Due to their low surface tension, they are ideal for the safe servicing of all electrical parts. While removing dirt, they do not damage or react with the cleaned surface.

The products in our offer come in containers of various volumes – from 200ml to 20l – tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each individual customer.

We also carry specialised preparations for particular tasks such as cleaning and assembling of brakes, gaskets and contacts, removing of old labels, dust and grease, removing the contaminants left over from soldering, as well as regenerating and maintaining agents for glass and plastic surfaces.


It effectively removes oxides, sulphide deposits and corrosion from all types of metal surfaces, leaving them clean. The spray is recommended for care and long-term maintenance of radio, television and laboratory equipment. 

This product is irreplaceable when it comes to regeneration of worn out, dirty contacts, restoring their low electrical resistance. It can be used for all types of metal contacts in consumer electronics, the automotive industry, connectors, CPU holders, light bulb holders, and more. It is safe to use on many commonly used materials such as metals,  graphites, carbon-based materials, thermosetting resins as it does not react with them. Available in 200ml and 400ml containers.

Removes all types of flux residues and other solder contaminants from printed circuit boards and other electronic components. Effective in removing grease, lubricant, dirt and moulding mixtures, protecting against corrosion. The product is gentle on the cleaned surfaces, it will not damage most common materials, but is unsuitable for PVC and polystyrene. Leaves no residue. For hard-to-reach spots and intensive dirt it is recommended to use a brush.

The extremely powerful solvent-based cleaner from Rocol removes even the toughest dirt deposits. The product effectively gets rid of dirt and other contaminants in the workplace, it emulsifies oils and fats and is easily rinsed off with water. It is ideal for cleaning industrial machinery, floors, concrete, pavement and more and it is suitable for use in harsh environments. The spray contains no chlorinated solvents and is safe on metal, paint, and most plastics. Thanks so its 360º valve technology, it can be sprayed from any angle, allowing access even to hard-to-reach places.


Specialised degreasing preparations are perfect for removing greasy dirt of all kinds, even from the most sensitive electronic components, forming an indispensable component of many service works. They are useful when maintaining electrical components such as sockets, plugs, contacts and relays. The products available in our store are most often in aerosol form, making the application easy and comfortable, thanks to the tube-applicators, they can all parts of the to-be-cleaned surfaces.

An extremely mild and versatile cleaner, it is ideal for delicate electronics, precision mechanics and optics. Efficiently removes dust, grease, fingerprints and all light dirt. It also effectively removes solder paste. The cleaning agent is also used for degreasing surfaces, e.g. before glueing. The product dries quickly, leaves no residue and does not damage the cleaned materials. It is environmentally friendly and ease to use. It has a clarity of over 99.9%. It can also be used for disinfection and decontamination. Available in 200 and 400ml containers.

An extremely intensive cleaner and degreases in spray form. Effectively and efficiently gets rid of all kinds of greasy dirt, even thick, built-up layers. It is great for cleaning before re-lubricating parts such as bolts, screws, ball bearings, shields, gears and drive chains. Tube applicator can access even the hardest-to-reach places.

Rocol’s quick-drying, industrial degreaser in aerosol form is designed to effectively remove grease, oil and all other common workshop contaminants from cleaned surfaces. Formulated with a blend of strong solvents, it evaporates quickly, leaving no residue. HALAL certified, it is registered as safe to use on equipment and utensils used in the food industry.


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