Lacquers and conformal coatings

Lacquers and conformal coatings

Professional lacquers and conformal coatings are used both to protect individual electronic components (encapsulation) and entire printed circuit boards ( electro-insulating protective coating). Depending on the type of material, they have different properties and are suitable for many working conditions.

The main product range consists of silicone, polyurethane and acrylic products, which are mostly used for coating in order to protect against the influence of the external environment and, in the case of thicker flexible coatings, also against vibrations. The range also includes a special graphite-based electrically conductive lacquer, which is used to dissipate electrostatic charge from the plastic, as well as to prepare electro-insulating materials for the electrogalvanization process.

We offer:

Cramolin conformal coatings and lacquers

GRAPHITE Conductive Lacquer

Graphite-based electrically conductive lacquer is also known under the German name GRAPHIT. It adheres well to smooth surfaces such as glass and plastic materials. lt retains its effectiveness up to 300°C. Quickly forms an electroconductive dry film on non-conductive surfaces and protects against electrostatic discharges. Essential for galvanic processes. Prevents the build-up of electrostatic charges on electronic equipment housings and packaging or in pneumatic tube conveyors. Designed for repairing defective cathode-ray tube protection. Removes damage to envelopes in vacuum tubes. Available in 200 ml spray cans.

For applications requiring higher conductivity, especially in the field of electromagnetic protection, we recommend a copper-based protective coating – EMILAC.

Protective conformal coating PLASTIK

Primary protective conformal coating for PC boards and electronic components. Anti-corrosive, waterproof and quickly drying, acrylic resin-based lacquer with excellent insulating properties. Universal transparent product for insulation and protection of all electronic and electrical components as well as other materials. It protects against acids, salt, fungus, corrosive vapours, thermal stress, mechanical abuse, alkalis, alcohol, moisture, and tough environmental conditions. lt does not drip and permits soldering through its own layer. Seals plastic housings of plugs and sockets. It is effective in temperatures from -70°C to +120°C. The product is available in 400 ml spray cans or as a liquid in a 1 and 5 litre tins or in 20 litre canisters.

For applications requiring higher temperature resistance and higher electrical resistance, we recommend products based on polyurethane – URETHANE CLEAR / RED and silicone resin – ISOTEMP.

Lakier elektroprzewodzący Graphite Cramolin w spray'u 200 ml
Powłoka Plastik Cramolin w spary'u

Wacker Chemie’s Elastosil® silicones

These are one-component (RTV-1) silicone coatings, liquid products for conformal coating of electronic boards.

All available in 310 ml cartridges and in 20 and 200 l containers.

ELASTOSIL A07 silicone rubber

A free flowable, translucent silicone rubber for conformal coating of electronics and for sealing. It is solvent based, which results in a relatively thin protective coating. The product is one-component (RTV-1) and has amine curing system. Silicone A07 cures at room temperature reaction with air humidity to a flexible silicone coating.

ELASTOSIL N2010 silicone rubber

A one component, self-leveling and translucent silicone rubber, with a neutral curing system (alkoxy). The product has good adhesion to most substrates. It cures at room temperature under the influence of moisture, providing a highly flexible coating that can be easily removed locally (e.g., for repair or replacement purposes). The compound is used for conformal, local coating of electronic circuits (electronic boards) as a protection against external environment. The product is also used for bonding and sealing electronic and electrical circuits, especially those exposed to vibrations.

ELASTOSIL N10 silicone rubber

One-component (RTV-1) flowable and transparent silicone rubber. Used for PCB coating – thin layer coating of electronics. It forms a very elastic layer. Has a neutral curing system (oxim) and good adhesion to most substrates. The product can be easily removed locally e.g., for repair or replacement of components. Designed for encapsulating electronics to protect against moisture, temperature changes, corrosive fumes, mechanical damage, and shocks. It is also used as a silicone adhesive and sealant for electronic and electrical systems that are particularly exposed to vibrations.

ELASTOSIL N2034 silicone rubber

One-component self-leveling silicone rubber in black colour. Flame retardant (UL94 V0 approved) with thixotropic properties and neutral curing system (alkoxy). It cures at room temperature under the influence of moisture and forms an elastic joint with very good mechanical properties. The product is used for local thin-layer coating of electronic circuits (boards) and sealing. It protects components against the influence of the external environment. It can be used for bonding and sealing electronic and electrical systems, which are exposed to vibrations.                                    

Elastosil A07 Wacker Chemie
Zalewa silikonowa Elastosil N10 Wacker w kartuszu 310 ml
Zalewa silikonowa Elastosil N10 Wacker w kartuszu 310 ml

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