Lubricating and protective agents

Ensuring the highest quality of the products we offer, we choose only known and trusted manufacturers of chemical preparations, such as Varybond, Rocol and Cramolin. Our offer includes tested products for both professional and at-home use.

Multipurpose and anti-corrosion greases

In this category we offer products mainly from the brands Varybond and Rocol.
All-purpose lubricants are an essential part of the equipment of every professional service centre, manufacturing company or handyman, useful in almost every service and assembly job. Highly effective and easy-to-use lubricants provide protection, improve performance and extend the lifespan of the used components.
We also offer specialised products for particular tasks, such as bearing greases and driving belt greases.

Uniwersalny smar Varybond

Extremely versatile lubricant for all types of bolts, springs, washers, pins, pipe and valve connections and pumps. It effectively protects against corrosion, extending the component’s lifespan and improving the performance of the entire system. The preparation is ideal for use in areas that are particularly exposed to abrasion, especially in brake systems.

Electrical wiring lubricants

This group of greases are specialised products for lubricating contacts and electromechanical components. These formulations are very popular in many industries due to their reliable quality. They are most often used for cable pulling, as they greatly simplify and speed up the process. They significantly reduce the likelihood of cable damage, while increasing the safety of work. They are also irreplaceable when installing electrical installations. Their application is exceptionally simple, it does not require the user to have a professional knowledge or specialised experience of any kind. The greatest advantage of these products is that they ensure a high level of safety when working with electromechanical components. The preparations we offer do not dry out at high temperatures and retain their properties even at 200ºC. 

Środek smarujący do przewodów Kabelglide

A high quality lubricant, ideal for greasing cables and wires in the process of cable pulling and assembling electrical installations. It is easy to use, doesn’t dry out and is not sticky. Thanks to its long applicator, it enables very precise application inside pipes and wires. The product is non-toxic and does not damage plastic materials. It is ideal for protection against moisture, because of its waterproof quality. Can be used in temperatures from -50ºC to 200ºC. Available in 400ml containers.

Electronic maintenance preparations 

Electronic maintenance preparations guarantee the long-term protection of even the most delicate electronic components. Specialised products from the renowned brand Cramolin have anti-corrosive properties and are safe for use on electrical contacts. The agents we offer are non-toxic and safe. They work perfectly even at extremely low and high temperatures. They provide effective protection and significantly extend the life of electrical equipment. 

Środek smarujący styki Protection w aplikacji

High-quality specialised agent for lubrication and corrosion protection of contacts and electromechanical components. By coating the contacts with a thin, stable, non-insulating film, the product guarantees long-lasting protection against abrasion, seizing and corrosion, thus extending the service life of the components. It is non-toxic and safe for all materials commonly used in electrical engineering. It is recommended for all types of metal contacts and maintains its properties within a wide temperature range. It is used in general industry, industrial automation services, precise electromechanical and office equipment, watchmaking, service and repair. Available in 400ml containers.

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