Moulding compounds

The moulding compounds available in our store are RTV-2 silicone compounds used to create flexible reproduction moulds and for the gravity casting of flexible structural components. Our offer includes a wide selection of tested products of the best quality, tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each customer. 

Silicone moulding compounds

The natural silicone moulding compounds, conventionally two-component, are available in two curing systems – adhesion and condensation. Adhesive curing compounds are characterised by very low shrinkage (<0.1%) and easier handling, but due to the platinum catalyst they are more expensive and more sensitive to contamination. Condensation compounds, unlike adhesion ones, are less sensitive to contamination but have higher shrinkage on cure (approx. 1.5-2%) and are more difficult to handle. The available products have excellent mechanical properties, including high flexibility, which allows very complex parts with so-called “negative angles” to be deformed. They are used for moulding various materials from very hard ones such as concrete and the so called “decorative stone”, to very soft ones like chocolate confectionery decorations. Moulds made of silicone masses are not only mechanically and chemically very resistant, but also work well in high temperatures. Our offer also includes products that enable making moulds for casting metals with low melting temperature.

Pad printing silicone rubber

Our range of specialised silicone rubbers for printing pad casting comes from Wacker Chemie, a German manufacturer known on the international market for the highest quality and reliability of their products. The rubber can be mixed with AK35 silicone oil, in order to adjust (lower) the hardness of the pad, tailoring it to the specific production requirements, down to single ShA degrees. For the same purpose, AK30000 silicone oil, with a higher viscosity than AK35, can also be used. In addition to being able to reduce hardness, it makes the surface of the printing pad more oily. The products are characterised by low shrinkage due to the additive crosslinking system. Printing pads are used in many industries for printing on uneven surfaces (pad printing), also on very delicate materials such as Christmas glass balls.

Kauczuk silikonowy elastosil Wacker Chemie

Wacker Chemie’s two-component (RTV-2), red-brown silicone casting compound for printing pads has extremely low shrinkage on cure due to its adhesion system. The silicone rubber can be mixed with AK35 motor oil to achieve the desired pad hardness. By default the compound has poor adhesion to other materials, to increase this adhesion the primer G790 is used.


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