Silicone oils

Used in a variety of production processes, silicone oils from the renowned brand Wacker Chemie have a much broader property profile than those of organic origin. They are used in electrical engineering and vehicle manufacturing as a reliable form of moisture protection for electronics. They also effectively protect delicate components of sensitive electronic systems from any vibrations, thus guaranteeing the functionality of many devices. Silicone oil is also used in the manufacture of printing pads. Mixed with silicone rubber, it can regulate their hardness, increasing their resistance. 

We offer mainly dimethylsilicone AK oils, as well as phenylsilicone oils (AP, AR and AS).

Olej silikonowy AK30000 Wacker Chemie Silicone Fluid

A dimethylsilicone oil designed to reduce the hardness of RTV-2 silicone rubbers (e.g. ELASTOSIL RT 623) in the manufacture of printing pads. Adding oil to the rubber increases the viscosity of themixture, and in the right proportion with AK35 (available in our store silicone oil AK35) increases the chemical resistance of the produced pad. The viscosity of the product is 30000 mm2/s2. 

Rocol oils

We also offer an extensive range of high-quality products from the renowned brand Rocol. These chemicals work in an exceptionally wide temperature range and options of various viscosities are available to suit your individual needs. 

Products from Rocol’s FOODLUBE line are entirely safe for use in the food industry, and are NSF H1 registered for use in areas where accidental contact with food may occur.

Gearbox fluids

The FOODLUBE HI-TORQUE product range are fully synthetic food grade gearbox fluids. Thanks to the SUPS technology (start-up protection system), they guarantee long-term protection of gear teeth. By minimising wear, they reduce the risk of micro cavities and thus extend the service life of the gearbox. Studies have proven that these products extend the intervals between oil replacements to up to 4 years. They are suitable for conditions of very high loads and are completely safe to use in areas where they may come into contact with foodstuffs.

Foodlube Hi-Torque 220 olej przekładniowy Rocol

High performance, food grade, synthetic gear fluid with ISO VG 220 viscosity. On start-up, the oil penetrates the gear teeth, leaving them completely covered when switched off, for maximum protection. Thanks to the SUPS technology, the oil also protects the teeth from the formation of micro cavities, extending their service life. The product is fully compliant with food industry standards, is ISO 21469 certified and Halal approved.

Hydraulic, airline and compressor oils

Recoil’s HI-POWER product range includes hydraulic, airline and compressor oils. They maximise power transfer in machines, while lubricating and dissipating heat, thus effectively protecting their components from wear, extending service life and improving system efficiency, even at elevated temperatures. They prevent damages, such as scratches on hydraulic cylinders. Special anti-oxidation additives prevent chemical degradation of the oils, ensuring long service life. The minimal oil residue that forms after use helps avoid blockages in filters and pumps, extending the intervals between oil replacements, reducing running costs.

Available in different viscosities, the oils are suitable for all pneumatic and hydraulic tasks.

Sapphire Hi-Power 100 Rocol olej hydrauliczny

High performance hydraulic, compressor and airline oil with ISO VG 100 viscosity grade. Provides excellent and long lasting protection against wear and damage, improves performance and extends the service life of machinery. The product ensures efficient power transfers as well as clean air in the workplace thanks to a system that maximises air/oil separation and reduces foaming. The oil is compatible with most common elastomers, gaskets and seals, eliminating the possibility of damage due to shrinkage or swelling.

Foodlube Hi-Power 46 olej hydrauliczny Rocol

High performance, food grade lubrication fluid for compressor, airline and hydraulic systems, with ISO VG 46 viscosity grade, operating in a wide temperature range of -35ºC to 120ºC. Special additives reduce component wear, significantly improving performance and extending the service life of the entire system. Due to the low carry-over system that reduces foaming and maximises air/oil separation, the product ensures efficient power transfer without contaminating the surrounding air. Compatible with most elastomers, gaskets and seals. The oil is NSF H1, ISO 21469 and Halal certified.

Vac pump oil olej smarujący Rocol

An incredibly universal high performance, food grade vacuum pump oil. The product minimises the formation of deposits in systems, increasing their efficiency. It also protects against corrosion. Guarantees excellent durability in the temperature range from -5ºC to 130ºC, even under high load conditions. Extremely low oil odour improves the work comfort. Registered by NSF as H1.

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