Thick consistency silicone pastes designed for use in electronics and electrical engineering act as lubricants and mounting pastes. Due to their versatile properties, they offer a wide range of applications in many industry sectors. Similarly to greases, the pastes consist of a base oil, thickeners and additives, but the content of solids (lubricants) is much higher (≥50%). This ensures reliable lubricating, separating and anti-corrosive properties, even in extreme temperatures and pressures, as well as in aggressive chemical environments. Pastes act as anti-seize agents or as assembly aids, are most commonly used for bolted joints, pins and bolts, gears, slide bearings and collets.

They can also act as electrical insulation agents and protection against moisture.

Extremely versatile, the products are useful both at home and in corporate workshops. Based on their applications, pastes can be divided into the following categories:

Pastes for electronics and electrical engineering

Pastes designed for use in electronics and electrical engineering are mainly silicone pastes, with excellent dielectric properties and other special properties, such as thermal conductivity. Their thick consistency is not temperature-dependent, which allows application in various conditions, even in high temperatures. The products are migration-resistant, and thus act as great electrical insulators, while efficiently dampening any vibrations. Other advantages of silicone pastes include water resistance, as well as resistance to oxidation, good adhesion to various surfaces and lubricity.

While these products are mainly used for insulation, they are also ideal for anti-seize, sealing, lubricating or conductive applications.

Translucent, electro-insulating silicone paste from Wacker Chemie. Due to its water-repellent properties, the product is mainly used as insulation and protection against moisture. Extremely universal, the paste is also used as an ancillary product for mounting O-rings, or as a lubricant for plastics and rubbers. Very easy to use, the paste ensures no dripping. It becomes softer when subjected to shear stress or other mechanical stress, such as kneading.

White, thermally conductive silicone paste from Wacker Chemie. Stable at high temperatures, it is mainly used for heat dissipation when assembling semiconductors, such as transistors, thyristors and diodes to heat sinks. Electrically insulating, the paste is ideally suited for use in places where good heat transfer between the semiconductor and the cooling element is particularly important.

Pasta AP w tubce

Wacker Chemie’s silicone paste of medium consistency, characterised by very good dielectric properties. It is waterproof and has good surface slip. Used for electrical insulation, mounting of power heads or as an anti-adhesive (anti-stick) coating for high-voltage insulators. The paste layer allows insulators to quickly and easily cleanse themselves from contamination during rain, fog or high humidity. The paste does not allow the formation of a water layer on the insulator, thus preventing sparking and corona discharge.

Lubricating, mounting and anti-seize pastes

Lubricating pastes contain high levels of solid lubricating compounds, such as graphite, molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), metal powders (such as copper) or ceramic powders. They form a layer separating components from each other, providing effective, long-term protection. Thanks to excellent thermal stability, the pastes guarantee efficiency even in high temperatures. Mounting pastes are particularly useful in areas where there is high friction during assembly.

Anti-seize pastes are used to protect fasteners from dirt, moisture and the effects of high temperatures and chemical substances, facilitating subsequent disassembly and reducing costs. Also used to lubricate low-speed components such as anti-friction bearings, especially those operating under high loads.

Pasta wysokotemperaturowa stalowa Varybond VAR HTSS w opakowaniu plastikowym

Varybond Stainless Steel VAR HTSS 500 is an all-purpose grease providing excellent corrosion protection for bolts, pins, springs, as well as valve and pipe connections. Ideally suited for use in areas particularly subject to abrasion, such as brake systems. The product is also available in spray from.

Highly resistant to chemicals, metal- and graphite-free assembly paste ensures easy removal of treated parts even after many years of service. Ideal for threaded connections on components and fits subjected to high thermal loads, it prevents seizing, baking and galling (e.g. on stainless steel), as well as stick-slip motion at low traversing or feed speeds.

Food-grade, non-toxic, anti-seize and lubricating paste designed for use in clean environments, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. Ideally suited for the assembly and lubrication of threads, bushes, slides, small open gears and fasteners, it prevents seizure and jamming on assembly. The paste is also used as a food grade drilling, tapping and cutting lubricant, especially when maintenance has to be carried out in the process area. Ideally suitable for use on stainless steel, it is resistant to high temperatures and extremely tenacious. The product works in a wide temperature range of -30°C to +450°C .

Extreme load dry film coating of molybdenum disulphide in paste form, designed for use in places where wet film lubricants cannot be tolerated. The paste is an assembly lubricant for sliding surfaces, such as plain bearings, pins, cams and slides. It reduces friction, increasing the lifespan of moving parts in highly corrosive environments. The product can also be used in conjunction with a wet film lubricant, to further enhance performance and extend the life of components and assemblies. Performing well at temperatures from -50°C to +450°C, it’s also available as a spray or fluid.

High content molybdenum disulphide paste for precision and interference fit parts. It produces a tough, wear-resistant grease film which protects against seizure and galling, facilitates easy assembly and offers complete protection during the critical start-up and running-in periods. Designed for lubricating valves and slow-moving parts under high loads, it reduces the forces required for assembly of close fitting components. The paste works in a wide temperature range of -50 to +450ºC.

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