Silicone sealants

Cost-efficiency and durability are key factors when it comes to sealing. We offer silicone products from Wacker Chemie, both single-component systems (RTV-1) and two-component systems (RTV-2), tailored to meet specific production requirements and designed for a wide range of applications.

One-part silicone sealants RTV-1 Wacker Chemie

RTV-1 silicone sealants are one-part, ready-to-use systems. They consist of polysiloxane, a curing agent, fillers and additives. After application, cross-linking takes place through contact with atmospheric moisture, and by-products are released during curing. Depending on the type of crosslinker, a small amount of acetic acid amine or neutral byproducts, such as alcohol or oxides are released during vulcanisation.

With their unique properties, RTV-1 sealants solve a wide range of sealing, bonding and coating problems. Their exceptional weather and ageing resistance is due to their special chemical properties. They are flexible over a wide temperature range (- 40°C to +150°C) and have constant stress and strain values at extreme temperatures (-30°C to +80°C). Moreover, they are highly resistant to temperature as well as UV radiation.


A one-part, non-slump silicone sealant in ivory colour. It is a single component paste with an amine curing system. It cures from atmospheric moisture, at room temperature. Elastosil A33 is used for bonding and sealing electronic and electrical elements.





Low viscosity silicone sealant, red in colour. It is a one-component acetoxy-cure compound with excellent temperature resistance. It cures from atmospheric moisture, at room temperature. Elastosil E10 is mainly designed for sealing tubular heating elements and other components with high operating temperatures.

Uszczelniacz silikonowy Elastosil A33 ivory Wacker Chemie
Uszczelniacz silikonowy Elastosil E10 rot Wacker Chemie

Two-part silicone sealants RTV-2 Wacker Chemie

RTV-2 silicone sealants consist of two components. After thorough mixing, they undergo a crosslinking process at room temperature. There are two types of RTV-2 silicones: addition-curing systems and condensation-curing systems. All RTV-2 silicone sealants have excellent thermal resistance, retaining elastic properties from – 45°C to over approx. +180°C. They adhere to many different substrates without the need for a primer. In addition, they have permanent resistance to aqueous solutions, diluted acids and bases, as well as solvents. They can also be exposed to electromagnetic radiation (from microwaves to UV), even in higher doses.

Due to the fact that RTV-2 silicone sealants are used less frequently, they are available on special request.

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