Special sprays

Cramolin special sprays

Cramolin special-purpose sprays are dedicated to electronic and electrical components in industry, workshops and at home. Some special sprays allow for the removal of dust from the most complex and inaccessible parts, as well as to effectively and safely remove all deposits from various types of surfaces. Others enable the detection of faulty components and the testing of smoke detectors. Cramolin products are available as sprays in packaging of 200 ml and 400 ml. They are environmentally friendly and manufactured according to all standards. They stand out because of their high quality in relation to affordable prices. Special sprays include:

Freeze sprays

Cramolin freeze sprays allow quick location of faults in electronic equipment and other components through thermal shock. They do not react with other materials.

Freeze spray FREEZER-TOP – German name KÄLTE-TOP –NONFLAMMABLE. Capacity 200 ml and 400 ml.
Freeze spray FREEZER-BR – German name KÄLTE-BR – FLAMMABLE. Capacity 200 ml and 400 ml.

Freezer sprays are used to quickly locate faults in electronic components and systems using thermal method. They ensure reliable cooling down to -50° C. In this way, they quickly locate thermal intermittent components due to heat induced failure. The products are chemically pure, nonconductive and evaporate immediately without leaving residue. They are available in flammable and non-flammable versions. A frequent cause of faults in electronic equipment is thermal damage to contacts and printed circuit boards that is difficult to locate. Regular measurements are too time-consuming. Freezer cools an electrical circuit, allowing you to locate a break or damage to components. It can be used to test electronic components, thermostats in refrigerators and freezers, control systems, lamps, electronic carburettor components of automotive ignition systems and to remove chewing gum from fabrics. It is possible to cool individual components or to use as a spray to freeze pipes and screws.

Dust removers for cleaning electronics

Each dust remover for electronics consists of a mixture of dry gases that act like compressed air. This allows them to reach most inaccessible areas, where extremely pure cleaning of electronic components and equipment is required. They leave no residue and do not damage surfaces. Even up to 80% of equipment failures are caused by dirt.

Dust remover for cleaning electronics DUSTER-TOP (German name DRUCKLUFT-TOP) – NONFLAMMABLE. Capacity 200 ml and 400 ml.

Microscopically clean, moisture free, non-flammable.

Dust remover for cleaning electronics DUSTER BR (German name DRUCKLUFT BR) – FLAMMABLE. Capacity 200 ml and 400 ml.

Microscopically clean, moisture free, flammable.

Specially developed for use where thorough cleaning is required and ordinary products of this type are too weak. The strong jet of dry gas immediately removes dirt from the most inaccessible places. DUSTER products are used in industry, service equipment and households. They are recommended for non-invasive cleaning of sensitive electronic components and parts such as: data processing equipment, computer equipment, optical equipment, photography equipment, microscopes and laboratory equipment, magnetic heads, precision devices, printed circuit boards, watch mechanisms, banknote counters, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, fibre optic connections and many other delicate devices.

Spray for cleaning electronic circuits BOOSTER. Capacity 500g. Does not contain ozone compounds.

Extra strong, non-flammable duster for professional cleaning of heavy duty contaminates at hard-to-reach areas. It has four times greater pressure than other sprays and evaporates immediately after application. The product removes dust particles, oxides, and dry dirt. It is recommended for electronic components such as: data processing equipment, photography equipment, laboratory equipment and microscopes, magnetic heads, precision devices, printed circuit boards, watch mechanisms, banknote counters, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, fibre optic connections and computer equipment.

Duster Cramolin w sprayu
DRUCKTLUFT Cramolin w sprayu
Label Off Cramolin w sprayu

Label removers for cleaning electronics

This spray allows for the easy and quick removal of adhesive paper labels from all kind of material without damaging the surface.

Label remover LABEL-OFF (German name KLEB-EX). Spray 200 ml and 400 ml.

Spray which dissolves adhesive substances. It removes self-adhesive labels from all materials and surfaces. The strong solvents used in the product penetrate the paper and neutralizes the label’s adhesive strength. Residues of glue can readily be wiped off using a cloth or paper. The product acts directly on adhesive and is gentle on the surfaces to be cleaned. Only a few materials such as polystyrene may be attacked by the substance. The spray also removes natural grease, resin and fingerprints. Ideal for all applications where labels and label residues are removed: office equipment, IT equipment, labelling machines, packaging, household appliances, all plastics (except polystyrene), paper.


Smoke detector tester SDT-SPRAY SMOKE-DETECTOR-TEST-SPRAY (German name RMT-SPRAY). Spray 200 ml.

Ideal for professional testing of optical and photoelectric smoke detectors without using any additional test equipment. One spraycan of the product is sufficient for 200 applications. Smoke-detector-test-spray evaporates quickly without leaving any residue. It also does not contain silicone oils.

SDT Spray Cramolin w aerozolu