Bits for hand tools

Our range includes bits for hand tools from manufacturers Wiha and Irwin. These are the popular Philip, TORX, Pozidriv, slotted, multiple-tooth, internal hexagon bits and many others. In addition, we also offer a variety of bit sets, as well as bit holders and accessories.

If you are looking for bits for power tools, click here.

Bity do narzędzi ręcznych

Wiha bits

Wiha bits are available as Philip bits, TORX bits, Pozidriv bits, slotted bits, multiple-tooth bits, internal hexagon bits and with many other designs. In addition to long bits, we also offer Wiha micro bits. The ESD MicroBit set is the perfect essential equipment for activities that require precision and a delicate touch. The main features of Wiha bits are the high quality of the material and the durability which is several times higher than that of common bits. They can be purchased individually or in sets and practical boxes.

Wiha Standard bits are a very extensive range of high-quality products at an affordable price. These are robust and precise bits for general fastening in trade, industry and in households. Thanks to contrasting laser marking they ensure simple and quick recognition of profiles and sizes.

Wiha Professional bits are made of hardened high-grade chrome-vanadium steel. They are dedicated to professional, serial applications in trade and industry. They ensure high work efficiency thanks to an optimised rotational motion, which guarantees a stable fastening process.

Wiha Micro bits are made of hardened high-grade chrome-vanadium steel, which reduces wear and increases the lifetime. Their precision milled profile tips ensure a perfect fit. They are used for all kinds of particularly small screws in the precision mechanics, model-making and electronics sectors.

Wiha Bit Standard
Wiha Bit Professional
Bit TORX Irwin
Bit dwustronny Irwin

Irwin bits

Bits from the Irwin brand also come in a wide range of choices. Irwin bits are designed to work with both hand screwdrivers and power tools when used with Irwin bit holders. The range includes Pozidriv bits, TORX bits, Phillips bits, slotted bits, hex head bits, square recess bits as well as double end bits. All bits are made of high-grade S2 tool steel to ensure long life and durability.

Bit sets

Wiha bits are available individually and in practical sets and boxes.

The Wiha bit set FlipSelector Standard is a compact bit box with 12 high quality bits. The robust box is made of impact-resistant, glass-fibre reinforced polyamide. It includes a bit clamping element which can be swivelled 180° and an extra folding element for the magnetic bit holder. Easy and quick bit removal is possible thanks to the clear arrangement of the bits and the automatic opening of the box at the push of a button.

The Wiha bit set XLSelector Standard is a box made of high-quality plastic containing all popular standard 25mm bits organised in a compact, space-saving design. Boxes with either 30 or 15 bits are available.

The Wiha bit set Collector Standard is a robust box made of high-tensile plastic, which opens automatically at the press of a button. Inside it you will find the 25mm Standard bits, the magnetic CentroFix Force quick release holder or the universal magnetic holder, and the screwdriver with SoftFinish multi-component magnetic handle with 1/4″ bit mount.

Zestaw bitów FlipSelector Standard Wiha
Zestaw bitów XLSelector Standard Wiha
Zestaw bitów Collector Standard Wiha
Uchwyt na bity magnetyczny Wiha

Bit holders and accessories

Wiha offers many screwdrivers with bit holder, hand impact screwdrivers, bit ratchets, tool shafts, angle screwdrivers, magnetisers/demagnetisers, various bit holders as well as connecting parts, and much more.