Gas powered tools

Gas powered tools

Gas powered hot air gun E4500 HellermannTyton

The E4500 gas powered cordless handheld hot air tool allows you to work freely in cramped spaces and in places where there is no power supply. A specially designed main nozzle protects against direct flame, so material is heated by hot air, and therefore there is no damage to the surface of the shrinking material. The hot air gun is lightweight – weighing only 760 g, it is suitable for both manual work and long-term work in a standing position. It is powered by gas from a P445 (Propane, Butane, Propene) cartridge and equipped with a Piezo ignition as well as a gas supply and temperature control valve. The operating time of P445 cartridge is approximately 1.5 hours. The E4500 hot air tool is suitable for all types of heat shrinkable products including heat shrink tubing, end caps and moulded shapes. It can also be used for the bending and shaping of PVC pipes, soft soldering of copper pipes, drying, defrosting, heating and paint stripping.

The E4500 set includes a gas-powered hot air gun with protective spring, two nozzles and a gas cartridge.

opalarka gazowa czarna
opalarka gazowa w działaniu
zestaw: opalarka gazowa E4500 HellermannTyton, spirala ochronna, dwie dysze i pojemnik z gazem na tle opakowania

Refill gas cartridge P445 for hot air gun E4500 HellermannTyton

The P445 cartridge contains a mixture of propane, propene and butane gases and allows continuous operation for approximately 1.5 hours. The gas is designed to power HellermannTyton’s E4500 hot air tool. The gas mixture can be used with the hot air gun also at low temperatures. The gas is sold as single units.

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