Our product range includes high quality hammers from Wiha. We offer soft-faced hammers and no-recoil soft-faced hammers with hickory wooden handles, which are versatile and well thought-out tools in every respect. In addition, our range includes special hammers for electricians, which are ideal, for example, for ensuring that cables and dowels are secured in position without causing any damage. Wiha hammers are also available in our shop in sets, providing essential equipment for industry and every workshop.

There are also available, sold separately, spare parts for hammers such as hammer handles made of high quality hickory wood and different types of hammer faces.

Soft-faced hammers Safety have a hickory wooden handle and round hammer faces. Thanks to their replaceable heads, Wiha soft-faced hammers are suitable for a wide range of applications. Depending on the degree of hardness of the face, they can be used for different kinds of work. For example, the medium-hard heads (yellow) are used for tool and machine engineering, sheet metal and assembly work, while the medium-soft heads (black) are used for paving or tiling. All hammers in this series provide easier work and optimum impact power with less effort needed.

Dead-blow soft-faced hammers provide additional power by approx. 25% more hammer head mass. Recoil-free work without straining the joints is ensured by a special metal filling in the hammer head. These hammers are ideal wherever the protection of delicate surfaces and edges is extremely important. Two types of recoilless hammers are available: with hickory wooden handle and with steel tube handle. Both versions are supplied with replaceable heads.

Bezodrzutowy młotek z obuchem Wiha

The Electrician’s hammer has a head that is round on one side and U-shaped on the other, making it ideal for use in confined working environments. The flat claws at one end allow for the easy removal of nail clamps and nails. The hammer for electricians provides excellent balance during impact thanks to its optimally uniform weight distribution. Its ergonomic handle fits perfectly in the hand and allows for a secure strike without rebound. This product is primarily used for positioning cables and dowels, as well as for the problem-free removal of nail clamps and nails.

Młotek dla elektryków Wiha