Pliers, cutters and pincers

Pliers, cutters and pincers

Our wide selection of pliers includes standard as well as professional pliers from Wiha and Irwin. Among them are models for a variety of applications and also for special purposes, e.g. pipe pliers, gripping pliers and monier pliers. A separate group are VDE insulated pliers for electricians and ESD pliers for electronics. Depending on the purpose, place and working conditions, the pliers have different head shapes and handles. There are many variants of Wiha and Irwin pliers with different additional properties, so it is guaranteed that you will find the right tool for your application.

Depending on their construction and purpose, Wiha and Irwin pliers are divided into the following categories:

Szczypce podczas pracy
Szczypce leżące na stole

Combination pliers

Wiha combination pliers are used for gripping, holding, bending and cutting soft and hard materials. As pliers for flat and round cables they have extra long cutting edges and serrated surfaces. Cutting edges are additionally induction hardened to approx. 64 HRC. The special DynamicJoint® design reduces effort required for cutting and the newly designed gripping surface OptiGrip with ‘triple-point support’ ensures optimal hold of the workpiece while working. High-leverage combination pliers additionally increase the cutting power by up to 40%.

Irwin Vise-Grip traditional pliers feature induction hardened cutting edges which stay sharp longer. The machined jaws provide maximum gripping strength, while moulded ProTouch grip increases comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

Szczypce uniwersalne Wiha
Szczypce uniwersalne Vise-Grip Irwin
Szczypce do cięcia bocznego Wiha
Szczypce Classic do bocznego cięcia tworzywa sztucznego Wiha

Diagonal cutters

Wiha diagonal cutters have a range of different handle and head shapes. They are designed for cutting various materials. Their milled and induction-hardened cutting edges (approx. 64 HRC) ensure a clean cut edge. The plier joint with DynamicJoint ensures that hand force is optimally applied when cutting, providing up to 40% greater cutting force.

Wiha diagonal cutters with opening spring have a wide, pointed head without bevelled edge. They are used for an absolutely flush cut of soft wires in hard-to-reach places in the electronics industry.

Wiha plastic diagonal cutters Classic are ideal for smooth cutting of plastic parts or soft materials. They have an opening spring without bevelled edge for easier and gentler work. They guarantee reduced risk of injury due to smooth burr-free finished results.

Wiha BiCut high-performance diagonal cutters allow safe and precise work with double the force. If standard performance from heavy-duty diagonal cutters is no longer enough, force can be doubled at the simple press of a button. These switchable pliers have been designed for cutting materials of different hardness and thickness, such as cables, nails, screws, bolts, wire cable, spring wire and chains.

Irwin Vise-Grip diagonal cutting pliers have durable nickel chromium steel construction. Their induction hardened cutting edges were designed to stay sharper longer. Moreover, they feature ProTouch grip, which provides extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue. They cut easily through materials of varying hardness.

Long pliers

Wiha needle nose pliers with cutting edge straight shape are designed for gripping and holding as well as cutting soft and hard wires and cables, particularly in the mechanical sector. They have partially serrated gripping surfaces and extra long cutting edge for flat and round cables. Cutting edges are additionally induction hardened to approx. 64 HRC.

Wiha needle nose pliers with cutting edge curved shape (approx. 40°) are also available.

Wiha long flat-nose and long round-nose pliers are made of tempered high-quality tool steel and have extra-long heads. The shape of the blades is designed for gripping and bending of wires and sheet metal parts. The pliers also feature ridged gripping surfaces.

Irwin long nose pliers and bent nose pliers. Thin nose profile gets into tight spaces and is easier to reach around obstructions. They have machined jaws to provide maximum gripping strength and induction hardened cutting edge that stays sharper, longer. The bent nose pliers have long angled nose profile and are recommended for precision work on small parts.

Szczypce wydłużone półokrągłe z prostą główką Wiha
Szczypce wydłużone okrągłe Wiha
Szczypce wydłużone odgięte Irwin
Szczypce do zdejmowania izolacji Wiha
Automatyczne szczypce do zdejmowania izolacji Wiha
Szczypce instalacyjne TriCut Wiha

Stripping pliers and cable cutters

Wiha stripping pliers are tools designed for simple stripping of cables and strands of up to 5 mm/ 10 mm² conductor cross-section. They have an adjusting screw that allows the stripping diameter to be easily set and a precision cutting edge prism for even cutting of cable insulation. Moreover, an opening spring guarantees effortless and sensitive handling of pliers.

Wiha automatic stripping tool are ideal for precise and safe stripping of all standard leads from 0.2 to 6 mm². The integrated scanning system automatically adjusts its settings to the respective lead cross section, effectively preventing damage to the interior lead and therefore these lightweight pliers ensure quick and precise skinning. In addition, the automatic pliers can also be used for cutting copper and aluminium leads with a diameter of up to 2 mm.

Wiha installation pliers TriCut combine three crucial tools in one: diagonal cutters, skinning pliers and stripping pliers. They have two precision stripping stations for conductions with 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm². Thanks to the angled head, the TriCut pliers are ideal for working in hard-to-reach places such as installation sockets or junction and distribution boxes. The shape of diagonal cutters makes stripping lengthwise on the cable and the pliers quick and energy-saving.

Szczypce do cięcia przewodów Wiha

Wiha stripping pliers Electronic with multiple stripping stations as well as with opening spring and locking mechanism. The are used for gripping, cutting and stripping of wires with different diameters. These pliers have wide, long head with ridged gripping surface, shears blade and firm wire stripping stations.

Wiha cable cutters have induction hardened (approx. 58 HRC) and ground cutting edges for easy and clean cutting. They are used as cable cutters for cutting of copper and aluminium cables without crushing and are also suitable for stripping. Thanks to their opening spring these cable cutters reduce strain from continuous work.

Wiha product range also includes crimping pliers for end sleeves (ferrule pliers), cable scissors, cable stripping knifes and other tools for insulation – for cutting, skinning and stripping cables, conductors and wires.

Circlip pliers

Wiha Classic circlip pliers for inserting and removing circlips: for inner rings (drill holes) – straight pliers and for outer rings (shafts) – angled pliers. They are made of high-quality chrome-vanadium molybdenum steel. The versions with MagicTips ensure safe and sturdy grip on circlips and prevent damage caused by lost circlips in the work area.

Szczypce do pierścieni zabezpieczających Wiha typu J
Szczypce do pierścieni zabezpieczających Wiha typu A

Revolving punch and loop pliers

These are strong tools for perforation of a wide variety of different materials in trade, industry and DIY. They have a body made of high-resistance special steel, which is additionally nickel-plated. Thanks to the opening spring and locking mechanism, they can be operated with one hand. Revolving punch pliers have 6 exchangeable punching tools. Revolving punch and loop pliers are made for perforating and pressing of loops in three sizes with only one tool and therefore have locking lever and rotatable magazine with three hole sizes and corresponding loop punches for loops.

Szczypce rewolwerowe i oczkowe Wiha
Szczypce nastawne Irwin
Szczypce nastawne Wiha
Szczypce nastawne przewleczone serii Wiha
Szczypce rurowe Classic Wiha

Water pump pliers

Irwin universal water pump pliers feature all-purpose jaws that are specially designed for gripping round, hexagonal, square or flat surfaces. The GrooveLock water pump pliers have an innovative design and twice the number of groove positions as traditional groove joint pliers. They allow optimal hand and jaw positioning to provide a superior grip. The specially designed universal jaws guarantee a strong grip and adaptation to many shapes.

Wiha water pump pliers with push button adjustment are designed for gripping and holding pipes and angular profiles such as hex nuts in the installation area. Thanks to their very narrow head, they are also suitable for work in hard-to-reach places. Their design ensures fast and simple adjustment of pliers with push button.

Wiha box type water pump pliers have permanently stable through box joint with double guidance. They are used for gripping and holding pipes and angular profiles, e.g. hex nuts. Also available in QuickFix version with quick and easy setting of opening width, particularly for constantly changing applications.

Wiha corner pipe pliers with S-jaw shape angled 45° or Swedish shape angled 90°. They are designed for safe and firm gripping of pipes, flat workpieces and hexagon nuts. The adjusting nut is secured to prevent loss.

Locking pliers

Irwin Vise-Grip Original and Fast Release locking pliers are the whole group of pliers for various purposes and with different jaw shapes: curved jaw locking pliers, straight jaw locking pliers, locking pliers with wire cutter, locking c-clamps, locking sheet metal tools, locking welding clamps and many more. Traditional Original locking tools have a classic guarded trigger release and are designed to provide maximum locking force. The Fast Release locking pliers have a one-handed, triggerless release, so they are twice as easy to open as the traditional design.

Wiha gripping pliers Classic with wire cutter are designed for clamping and gripping of round and flat material. They are equipped with a wire cutter for cutting welded wires.

Szczypce zaciskowe Irwin Vise-Grip
Szczypce zaciskowe Irwin Vise-Grip
Obcęgi Vise-Grip Irwin
Obcęgi Wiha Clasic do gwoździ
Obcinak do kabli Vise-Grip Irwin

Pincers, monier pliers and cutters

Irwin Vise-Grip nipper pliers with ProTouch handle have induction hardened cutting edges and machined jaws that provide maximum gripping strength.



Wiha Pincers Classic are designed for withdrawing and cutting nails and wire pins. They have low wear lap joint, riveted and able to withstand high levels of load.



Irwin Vise-Grip cable cutter is designed for cutting copper and aluminium wire.

Obcinak czołowy Vise-Grip Irwin
Wzmocnione szczypce do cięcia czołowego Wiha


Irwin Vise-Grip end cutting pliers with throat clearance that allows semi-flush cutting of nails and rivets.



Irwin Record Tube Cutter has one steel wheel and two rollers in precision die-cast bodies. The rollers guide the cutter in line and smooth the surface. The tool is designed to cut copper, brass, plastic, aluminium or thin wall steel.



Wiha Monier pliers Classic are designed for cutting soft and very hard wires (e.g. piano wire) and the hardest materials. They are also suitable for binding (plaiting) and cutting wire netting in reinforced concrete structures in a single operation. They have a durable riveted joint, carrying high loads and a cutting edge that does not require a lot of force. Cutting edges induction hardened to approx. 64 HRC.

Pliers sets

Many different types of Wiha pliers and Irwin Vise-Grip pliers are available in sets. Each tool set contains a selection of pliers that together form a compact equipment for professionals.

Zestaw szczypiec Irwin

The presented list does not include every possible version of these tools, therefore, in order to see the full range of pliers we invite you to visit our online shop.