Wiha professional screwdrivers have been created for work in various environments, for craftspeople, industry, electricians or model-making. They are versatile screwdrivers, irreplaceable in assembly, service and maintenance work. Wiha screwdrivers can be used even in difficult environments, such as wet and oily areas, as they are resistant to chemicals, grease and impact, and the ergonomic handles, which fit perfectly in the hand, ensure utmost precision and control.

Our range includes SoftFinish screwdrivers for dry applications, MicroFinish screwdrivers for wet and oily work environments, fine (precision) screwdrivers for working on small and delicate parts, ESD anti-static screwdrivers for working on electronic components as well as insulated VDE-approved screwdrivers for working on live parts and much more. For those who often work in crowded and constricted spaces, such as machine rooms, the Stubby short screwdriver should be of interest. Our range includes screwdrivers with a wide range of tip types, such as Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX, slotted and hexagon. Special versions also available. The high quality Wiha screwdrivers are also arranged in a diverse choice of practical sets, distinguished by the number of screwdrivers or the choice of profiles.

Profesjonalne wkrętaki Wiha stworzone zostały do prac w różnych środowiskach, w rzemiośle, przemyśle, elektryce czy modelarstwie.
Są to wszechstronne śrubokręty, niezastąpione w pracach montażowych, serwisowych i konserwacyjnych.

Wiha screwdrivers with handle

Wiha screwdrivers have patented ergonomic handles, which are certified. The wide selection of handles includes small handles that optimally fit the hand, guaranteeing precision and control, and large handles for strong tightening. The hard and soft zones integrated into the handle are designed to enable the user to work more comfortably, for longer periods and most importantly without pain.

Wiha Screwdrivers SoftFinish are universal screwdrivers for use in dry environments. The SoftFinish handle ensures optimum handling in industrial and craft applications. The position of the soft and hard zones on the handle also supports the perfect grip for quick and powerful turning. These screwdrivers are available with a variety of tips.

Wiha PicoFinish fine screwdrivers are comfortable precision screwdrivers for delicate screw connections. Its ergonomic handle with the smooth-running rotating cap allows users to turn the screwdriver quickly and sensitively. The precision screwdrivers are mainly designed for small screws. They are ideal for repairing Apple smartphones, tablets and notebooks. PicoFinish fine screwdrivers are available with a variety of tips.

Both PicoFinish and SoftFinish screwdrivers are available with various additional features. SoftFinish electric slimFix, SoftFinish electric slimVario, SoftFinish electric, SoftFinish ESD, PicoFinish electric, and PicoFinish ESD screwdrivers are available.

Wkrętak SoftFinish
Wkrętak PicoFinish

Wiha Screwdrivers MicroFinish are screwdrivers designed for use in wet and oily environments. These screwdrivers have anti-slip handles, which, thanks to their fine-grained surface structure, provide the user with optimum grip even with oily or wet hands. As a result, they enable fast, powerful and at the same time precise fastening.

Wiha Screwdrivers with wooden handle have been designed for all applications in woodworking and the furniture industry. The screwdrivers have a handle made of beechwood and its end is protected by a high-quality leather cap. The anti-slip tip prevents popping.

Wiha Small screwdrivers are pocket-sized and handy precision screwdrivers with a belt clip. They have a round plastic handle which is oil and grease resistant.

Wkrętak z drewnianą rączką
Wkrętak kieszonkowy
Wkrętak Wiha z serii LiftUp
Magnetyczny wkrętak z magazynkiem bitów Stubby

Wiha screwdrivers with bit magazine

Wiha screwdrivers also include screwdrivers with handles that have integrated magazines which contain the most popular types of interchangeable bits. These handy screwdrivers with comfortable handles have magazines, the design of which makes it easy to select the bits and enables the user to change them quickly. Moreover, the special internal design securely holds the bits in place during operation. The most popular Torx, Phillips, Pozidriv and flathead screwdrivers are all contained in one compact tool.

Wiha Screwdrivers with bit magazine LiftUp contain 6 or 12 bits located in the handle body. Thanks to the large handle of the screwdriver, it is possible to firmly tighten or loosen screws. They are ideal for mobile work, as the LiftUp magazine replaces the entire screwdriver set.

Wiha Screwdriver with bit magazine Stubby. The SoftFinish handle holds six 25mm long double bits designed to work with the most common screw connections. The integrated magnetic bit holder ensures ease of use and optimum grip. This fine tool is ideal for confined working environments.

Screwdrivers with interchangeable blade sets

The interchangeable systems consist of special handles and matching interchangeable blades. Together they offer a multitude of combinations to suit a wide range of applications.

SYSTEM 6 is a versatile interchangeable blade set with a SoftFinish handle. Due to the SYSTEM 6 interchangeable blades, the required blade profile can be quickly and easily inserted and the blade length fixed to requirements. It is possible to set the desired blade length from 42 to 114 mm. This makes this versatile interchangeable tool ideal for low-lying screws in blind holes. The SYSTEM 6 handle is compatible with all Wiha SYSTEM 6 interchangeable blades (series 284).

SYSTEM 4 is a versatile, universal interchangeable blade set with a SoftFinish handle for precision screwdriving. This compact precision fastening tool is suitable for every application. Blade length is adjustable from 18 to 90 mm. The SYSTEM 4 handle is compatible with all Wiha SYSTEM 4 interchangeable blades.

The SYSTEM 6 and SYSTEM 4 series are also available as anti-static screwdrivers. The ESD handle together with the interchangeable blades forms a comprehensive antistatic tool for the assembly of electronic components and circuits.

Sets of screwdrivers

Wiha screwdrivers of all series are available in practical sets for various applications. The right screwdriver set provides compact equipment for professionals and service technicians, e.g., precision screwdrivers, watchmakers’ screwdrivers or Torx screwdrivers. Each screwdriver set is a carefully selected combination of types and sizes of screwdrivers from a given series. The tools have high-quality packaging in the form of a roll-up bag or a box.

Screwdriver accessories

Screwdriver accessories include convenient and durable belt pouches for screwdrivers and magnetisers / demagnetisers. The latter are practical tools for magnetising and demagnetising all interchangeable blades from the various Wiha series.

Magnetyzer / demagnetyzer