Tools for electronic engineers

Tools for electronic engineers

Wiha ESD tools


The Wiha ESD professional tools for electronics are equipped with electrostatic discharge handles (dissipative effect). This guarantees precision and maximum safety during all electronic works. Electronics workshop tools include anti-static screwdrivers (including torque screwdrivers), ESD nippers, tweezers, socket spanners, torque cable spanners, bit holders and other accessories. The ESD tools are designed for working on electrostatically sensitive components. They have a surface resistance of 106-109 ohms and are compliant with the ESD IEC 61340-5-1 standard. Tools for electronics are dedicated for professionals, service technicians and hobbyists.



narzędzia elektroniczne Wiha w aplikacji
narzędzia elektroniczne Wiha w aplikacji
narzędzia elektroniczne Wiha w aplikacji
Wkrętak Wiha typu SoftFinish
Wkrętak Wiha typu SoftFinish Stubby
Wkrętak prezycjny Wiha ESD

Anti-static screwdrivers for electronics engineers

Anti-static screwdrivers with a dissipative handle are universal service tools for electronics. They are designed for work on electronically sensitive components. Wiha ESD screwdrivers for electronics ensure precision and safety in every detail. Available in our product range are screwdrivers with handles as well as handle and interchangeable blade sets. In addition, ChromTop blades ensure that the screwdrivers fit perfectly into the screw socket.

Screwdrivers SoftFinish ESD 

For electrostatically sensitive components. With an ergonomic, multi-component SoftFinish handle.

Screwdrivers SoftFinish Stubby ESD

Precision screwdrivers with small handle Stubby ESD. For working in confined spaces.

Fine screwdrivers PicoFinish ESD

Thanks to their long, slim handles and quick-turning zone, these fine screwdrivers are ideal for careful, precise work practices on delicate workpieces.

Anti-static screwdrivers – interchangeable sets  

The compact screwdriver with interchangeable blade set consists of special ESD holders and matching blades. Together, they offer an infinite number of combinations and application possibilities. By matching the appropriate blade with the ESD handle, we obtain complete anti-static screwdrivers, suitable for the assembly of electronic components and circuits.

We offer all anti-static screwdrivers of the mentioned series – Torx screwdrivers, precision screwdrivers, watchmaker’s screwdrivers, xeno screwdrivers (for clamping screws – limit screws) as well as a flat screwdriver and a cross screwdriver (Phillips, Pozidriv).


6 mm interchangeable blades and anti-static handle. The ergonomically shaped SoftFinish handle with the click-stop ball clamp guarantees a secure hold for blades. The robust roll-up bag ensures tools are neatly packed away, saving space.


4 mm interchangeable blades which, together with ESD handle, form precision screwdrivers dedicated to professional work on small components. The ergonomically shaped SoftFinish handle is complete with colour coded double sided blades. This set is used, for example, as watchmakers’ screwdrivers and apple screwdrivers.

Wkrętak z trzonami wymiennymi ESD Wiha System 6 w czarnym etui
Wkrętak z trzonami wymiennymi ESD Wiha System 4 w czarnym etui
Szczypce elektroniczne Wiha Professional ESD
Szczypce elektroniczne boczne Professional ESD
szczypce Wiha Electronic czarno-czerwone

Electronic pliers

Tools for assembling electronic components and circuits also include electronic pliers. Professional and various ESD pliers have been developed for working on electrostatically sensitive parts. The diagonal cutting pliers are used for flat cutting of soft and hard wires in hard-to-reach places. The diagonal cutters are used for flat cutting of soft and hard wires in hard-to-reach places. The nose pliers, on the other hand, are designed for gripping and shaping the workpieces. The fine wire strippers are used for wires of different diameters.

Electronic pliers Professional ESD are distinguished by the fact that their handle components dissipate electrical charges. The electro-technical pliers are equipped with an ergonomic, non-slip handle and extremely sharp and hard heads. The series includes pliers models for a variety of tasks: needle nose pliers, oblique end cutting nippers and end cutting nippers.

Electronic pliers Electronic have a variety of blades suitable for a wide range of applications. The precision pliers are especially suitable for small electronic components in hard-to-reach places. The wire stripping pliers have heads for different wire diameters. The Electronic pliers series provide exceptional working precision. In addition, all electro-technical pliers have an ergonomic handle, ground sharp blades for smooth cutting and phosphated non-reflective heads.

Electronic torque tools

Antistatic torque tools are the Torque ESD series.

Torque screwdriver TorqueVario-S ESD

Torque screwdrivers for electronics have the integrated numeric scale and automatic start. Ergonomic multi-component handle is made of ESD-safe dissipative material. Handle sizes are proportioned to optimise torque setting. Audible and perceptible click indicates when the pre-set torque has been attained. The torque screwdrivers are supplied with a factory calibration certificate. The ESD torque screwdriver is also compatible with 4 mm Wiha Torque interchangeable blades (series 2859).

Torque screwdriver set TorqueVario-S ESD 

The set includes: the TorqueVario-S ESD torque screwdriver, bit holder clamping with ball and setting tool for torque screwdriver, as well as, 10 bits: TORX, Philips, Pozidriv.

Suwmiarka zegarowa dialMax ESD Wiha
Pęseta precyzyjna Professional ESD
Pęsety ESD Wiha - 5 sztuk w czarnym etui

Other tools for electronics engineers

Precision tools for the electronics engineers also include anti-static tweezers, precision socket spanners, cable spanners, bit holders, stripping tools, analogue callipers and other.

Analogue calliper dialMax ESD – for all work with electrostatically endangered components. For outside, inside and depth measurements. With impact resistant dial, which can be recalibrated to zero.

Precision tweezers Professional ESD – anti-static, anti-magnetic and acid-resistant. They ensure precision and safety. To be purchased individually or in sets.