Irwin vices are high quality vices which stand out on the market due to their design, choice of materials and manufacturing precision. They guarantee safety and reliability to every user. In our shop you will find a wide selection of vices, ensuring that you will find the ideal tool for every application. We also offer a full range of spare parts.

Irwin vices are divided into the following categories according to their design and intended use:

Engineers’ and fitters’ vices

Engineers’ vices, as well as fitters’ vices, are specially designed for heavy-duty work. They feature an integrated anvil for efficient shaping and beating workpieces and a quick-release mechanism for rapid slide adjustment. These vices are ideal for the most demanding work due to their working strength and resilience provided by the reinforced slide and body as well as the large diameter of the main screw. The only significant difference between engineers’ and fitters’ vices is the material from which they are made. The former are made of S.G. Ductile Iron, while the latter are made of close grained grey iron.

Quick-adjusting vices

Quick-adjusting vices are designed for general purpose and medium-duty applications. They feature a fast-release lever allowing efficient adjustment of the vice jaws. For this reason, quick-adjusting vices are recommended for applications requiring frequent clamping and changing of multiple materials. Their additional advantage is a swivel base, whose three mounting points and 120° rotation allow flexible positioning of workpieces.

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Mechanics’ vices

Mechanics’ vices are popular heavy-duty vices made from close grained grey iron. They have a robust body and sliding jaws, all of whose friction surfaces have been machined for smooth and reliable performance. The jaws, handle and main screw are made of steel. The two-start rolled ACME thread allows the jaw opening to be changed efficiently with a minimum of winding.

Workshop vices

Workshop vices are similar to mechanics’ vices but designed for medium-duty work. They are ideal for anyone looking for a safe, compact, well finished vice for workshop applications. Their body and sliding jaw are cast from close-grained grey iron and all friction surfaces have been machined for a smooth reliable action. Like the mechanics’ vices, they have jaws, handle and main screw made of steel, and a two-start rolled ACME thread.

Woodworking vices

Woodworking vices are specially designed for clamping and holding wood workpieces. They have two steel guide rods which ensure reduced wear and smooth parallel movement of the jaws. The concurrent design of the jaws ensures an even distribution of pressure over the entire depth of the workpiece, and the provided location holes allow the fitting of one’s own choice of wooden cheeks for protection of the workpiece. Both these features of the vice provide excellent protection for the clamped object. Available are quick-release vices, plain screw vices and compact, lightweight versions.

Chain pipe vices

The chain pipe vice has a body cast from unbreakable ductile iron. Its drop-forged steel jaws are heat-treated and the steel chain is tensile resistant. This flexible chain is the reason why the design of the vice is compact, making the vice easy to store. The chain pipe vice provides an extremely powerful grip.

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Table vices

The table vice is a basic and universal tool for every model maker and amateur. It has a built-in clamp for trouble-free and fast mounting on any work surface, such as a bench or table. Pipe grips are incorporated below the parallel jaws. In addition, a useful anvil has been placed on the rear of the body.

Drill press vices

Drill press vices are designed for use with drill presses and pillar drills. They are distinguished by their quality and precision, which makes them an ideal addition to the tool room or engineering workshop.

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