Electrical tapes

In our shop we offer the highest quality insulation products, manufactured by the well-known brand HellermannTyton. A wide range of electrical insulation tapes made of durable PVC and rubber-based plastics provide the perfect combination of durability and flexibility. Used for many different applications, the tapes are an essential piece of equipment for every fitter, engineer or electrician. They can be used not only to insulate exposed electrical cables, but also to mark, repair and adhere them to other surfaces such as concrete, wood and plastics. Thanks to the high quality adhesive, the tapes do not peel off by themselves and do not leave any gaps. They also provide excellent protection against atmospheric factors such as moisture and UV radiation, as well as against the accumulation of dust and dirt, while at the same time increasing the cable’s resistance to mechanical damage. Thanks to high resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents, the tapes are ideal for use on machines in the industry and perform continuously in almost any working conditions. Our shop offers a wide range of sizes and colours of electrical insulation tapes. Different coloured tapes allow for better marking and organising of installations, thus increased work safety.

Our tapes have self-extinguishing properties, meet all restrictive safety standards and have received VDE certificates in accordance with IEC 60454-3-1-6/F-PVCP/90, which allow them to be used in electrical installations.

Available in a wide range of colours, this versatile vinyl electrical tape is suitable for insulation, protection, fixing, maintenance, visible colour coding and more. HELATAPE FLEX 15 tapes are highly flexible with outstanding adhesion performance, as well as tough and flame retardant, making them ideal for mechanical and electrical applications up to 1 kV.

Professional grade, highly flexible, self-adhesive electrical insulation tape with higher thickness for use in a wide range of temperatures, different atmospheric conditions. It has excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, chemicals, UV radiation and corrosion. Excellent performance and durability even at low temperatures. Pressure sensitive, with high quality, aggressive, rubber based adhesive, the tape is self-extinguishing according to UL510 standard. It is used as the primary electrical insulation for all wire and cable splices up to 1 kV and as a protective coating for low, medium and high voltage splices. Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Professional, thick electrical insulation tape, covered with a layer of special adhesive for protection against corrosion. The PVC tape provides full electrical protection as well as protection against environmental and mechanical damage. It is used as an external insulation layer for pipes, hoses and cables both above and below ground. It has excellent resistance to UV radiation, water, oil, most chemicals, bacteria and fungi. Suitable for a wide range of temperatures and atmospheric conditions, the tape is self-extinguishing in accordance with the UL510 standard. The higher thickness allows a faster layering and at the same time provides a higher mechanical resistance.

In addition to insulation tapes, we also offer SHIELD310 and 320 series electro-conductive tapes for grounding and shielding. Available in different sizes and materials, HellermannTyton’s special tapes are suitable for all applications.

This self-amalgamating tape made of ethylene propylene rubber provides good conductive properties. Designed for guidance and finishing of semi-conductive layers in case of repairs and connections of medium to high voltage cables, it is effective in preventing partial discharge. Easy to apply, 19mm wide, the tape further protects cables from UV radiation, moisture and other environmental conditions.

Special electro-conductive tape made of tin-plated copper for electrical shielding. The excellent flexibility of this tape allows universal use for branching of shielded cables. Due to the all-copper, knit-mesh design, application is extremely simple, the tape adjusts to the shape of the surface to which it is applied and adheres thoroughly and firmly. The 25mm wide tape can also be used as a flexible hose.

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