Heat shrink tubing

Heat shrink tubing

Heat shrink tubing is an essential accessory in the equipment of every professional electrician. Made of the best quality polyolefin, which shrinks at a certain temperature, HellermannTyton’s heat shrink tubing guarantees excellent properties and comfort of use. The products have excellent insulating properties and can protect any cable against mechanical damage. Tubing in various colours additionally allows for marking individual cables, organising installations, and thus increasing work safety. For added safety, every non-adhesive heat shrink product in our offer has flame retardant or self-extinguishing properties. The products are also available in favourably priced sets.

Widely used in electronics, thin wall heat shrink tubing is used for insulation and mechanical, chemical, electrical and atmospheric protection of wires and cables. It is also used as shrinkable wire markers. Individual models differ by their shrink ratios, so when selecting the right type of tubing, the area of application should be taken into account.

The products are available in a range of different colours, including transparent, and come in a variety of sizes, both in terms of length and width. 

We also offer high-temperature tubing, which can function at temperatures of up to +175ºC and is characterised by higher mechanical resistance and lower abrasibility.

All our heat shrinkable tubing meets the most stringent safety standards such as UL224 125C/600 V VW1, CSA, SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1, NF F 00-608, JAR/FAR 25.853. We also offer adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing.

HellermannTyton’s standard range of heat shrink tubing has excellent insulating properties and is highly resistant to external factors. Made from high quality materials, the tubing guarantees comfort of use and reliable protection for cables in the chemical and industrial sectors. Available in black, red, blue, yellow-green and transparent, it allows to introduce and maintain order in the installations. Our offer includes standard 3:1 and 2:1 shrink tubing, available in a wide range of sizes, from 1.2mm to 25.4mm. In addition to small and large packs, we also offer universal sets of general purpose tubing in various sizes and colours. Our wide offer of heat shrink tubing ensures that every customer will find a model that is perfectly suited to their project.

Flexible, self-extinguishing, general purpose polyolefin tubing from the TCN20 series. Widely used for electrical insulation, mechanical protection and cable bundling, this 2:1 shrink tubing is characterised by its fast shrinking and low shrink temperature. Resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents, it is available in a wide range of colours.

TREDUX thin wall, flexible heat shrinkable tubing, made of cross-linked polyolefin, with a shrink ratio of 3:1 is used as primary insulation and protection of cables and wires against mechanical damage. Available in black and yellow-green and a wide range of sizes from 1.5mm to 101.6mm.

Flexible, thin wall heat shrink tubing on a reel, made of cross-linked polyolefin, with a shrink ratio of 3:1 from HellermannTyton’s HIS-PACK series. Available in a wide range of colours, the tubing fits a variety of cable diameters, with just 7 sizes for application diameter range of 1 mm up to 20 mm, reducing inventory by half. Supplied in handly dispenser packs, it is great for general purpose electrical insulation with high levels of protection against corrosion and mechanical damage.

The SHRINKIT321 universal and attractive 3:1 shrink tubing kit is suitable for insulation, bend protection or identification, being a great and convenient solution for virtually any task, even on side. The tubing in the kit covers a range of diameters from 1mm to 20mm and comes in a wide variety of lengths and colours. The size of the compartments can be changed at will by moving the yellow dividers, and once the contents have been used up, the case can be reused to store a variety of accessories.

We also offer premium quality heat shrink tubing from the renowned manufacturer HellermannTyton.

This extremely flexible, thin wall, 3:1 shrink tubing has a low shrink temperature and fast shrinking. TF31 tubing has ASTM D876 flame retardant properties in accordance with UL224 VW1, making it the best choice where flame retardancy is important, in industries such as solar and wind power, aerospace, shipbuilding and defence, rolling stock and electrical wholesaling. Used for the protection, insulation and identification of wires, cables and light duty harnesses. Available in a wide variety of colours and a small range of sizes covering a wide range of diameters.

Transparent, flexible, thin wall tubing with a 2:1 shrink ratio. Made from polyolefin, it has excellent mechanical and chemical properties and is halogen free. VG compliant and with numerous industrial approvals, the TF24 series of heat shrink tubing provides effective protection for cable identification markings exposed to high forces. It is also ideal for protecting electronic components that need to remain visible.

We also offer a wide range of heat shrink tubing for special applications and for various temperature ranges and extreme environmental conditions.

Flexible, high performance heat shrinkable tubing with a 2:1 shrink ratio, designed for use in the aerospace, defence, railway and automotive industries. Made from high quality cross-linked elastomer, SE28 tubing is resistant to diesel fuel, aviation fluids and hydraulic oil and provides reliable protection against abrasion and mechanical damage in heavy duty applications. Suitable for high temperatures up to +150ºC, they are ideal for long-term protection of cables and wire harnesses in military equipment, motor sports and aviation.

Semi-rigid, transparent, thin-walled heat shrink tubing designed for high temperature applications, and in places where visual inspection of the protected components is required, and where a low coefficient of friction is important. Made from polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), TK20 tubing with a 2:1 shrink ratio is also used to protect power lines. It is distinguished by its high mechanical and chemical strength and abrasion resistance. It is self-extinguishing, UL 224 VW1 approved and meets all industrial standards. 

Translusent, extra thin wall shrink tubing with a 2:1 shrink ratio, designed for high temperature applications. Made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), TFE tubing has very high temperature resistance and high abrasion and chemical resistance. The tubing is perfect for all applications where high resistance to aggressive liquids is required, or where there is a need to use thin-walled materials (e.g. in pH measurement apparatus). Due to the material properties, it is also used to reduce friction, e.g. for coating rollers. Suitable for the aerospace, automotive and defence industries, as well as the electrical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Heat shrink tubing is usually divided by its wall thickness. The tubing with thicker walls is distinguished by higher rigidity and increased resistance to mechanical damage such as abrasion. It is also extremely resistant to solvents, acids and alkalis, providing the best possible protection for cables exposed to more extreme operating conditions. Due to the thicker material used, it has a higher shrink temperature than standard thin wall tubing. The medium and thick wall heat shrink tubing we offer are high quality products from the renowned manufacturer HellermannTyton. With a shrink ratio of 3.5:1 to 4:1, the tubing is used to insulate both individual cables and entire bundles.

Made from flexible polyolefin with a higher thickness, thick-walled heat shrink tubing is ideal for protecting cables operating in the harshest of environments, even those located in open and easily accessible areas, where they are particularly exposed to adverse external factors. The thick wall heat shrink tubing without adhesive in our offer is part of HellermannTyton’s HU47 series, with a shrink ratio of 3.5:1. The tubing meets stringent safety standards and is available in a wide variety of sizes and packaging quantities.

Thick walled heat shrink tubing, not adhesive lined, with a shrink ratio 3.5:1, 105mm/30mm, in 1m lengths. Made of cross-linked polyolefin, it provides excellent mechanical protection and electrical insulation of external components.

Medium wall heat shrinkable tubing provides excellent protection for cables and wires exposed to heavy loads and mechanical damage, above or below ground. It can be used both when laying new cables and when repairing damage to existing installations. HellermannTyton MU47 series medium wall tubing with a 4:1 shrink ratio is characterised by excellent resistance to mechanical damage as well as to chemicals. Used to insulate cable joints and terminals in low voltage applications, the tubing is available in a variety of sizes, in packs from 4 to 120 pieces, to suit each customer’s individual needs and preferences.

Medium wall heat shrink tubing without an adhesive lining, with a shrink ratio of 4:1, 12mm/3mm, provided in 1m pieces. It provides good mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals, effectively protecting the insulated cables.

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