Heat shrinkable moulded shapes

Among our wide range of insulation products, we offer high quality heat shrinkable moulded shapes from the well-known and trusted brand HellermannTyton. Designed for ends and branch points of wires and cables, the shapes protect them from mechanical damage, provide an environmental seal and strain relief, ensuring long-term and correct functioning of the installation. We offer a wide range of models for various applications. In addition to protection against abrasion and other mechanical damage, the products protect cables from being torn out. Thanks to their excellent insulating properties, heat shrink shapes can also be used to protect installations from harmful atmospheric factors, such as moisture, especially when used with the appropriate adhesive. 

The majority of the products in our offer are made from high quality, cross-linked polyolefin and are resistant to diesel fuel, making them ideal for use in the automotive, aerospace and military industries. Individual models differ from each other with regard to shrink temperature and the range of temperatures in which they can operate. 

In our shop we offer a wide range of moulded shapes, including T-shaped and two-, three- and even four-way outlet ones. In addition to effectively protecting the cables, they allow for a visible, clear organisation in the work area. This ensures that all branches are clearly marked and the installation runs more smoothly. These products meet stringent safety standards and hold approvals and certificates such as VG 95343, JN1000T and DEF STAN 59-97/3. Some of the models have an additional inner adhesive lining that dissolves when heated and further seals the connection to the cable.

In addition to different moulded shapes, we also offer heat shrinkable end caps that provide effective insulation and protection for exposed cable ends, both when they’re operational and for transport. Coated with hot melt adhesive, they guarantee a tight seal and protection against moisture. 

Made from cross-linked polyolefin (PO-X), HellermannTyton’s heat shrinkable shape is designed for both inside and outside use, thanks to its flame retardant additives. The internal adhesive lining effectively protects cables from adverse environmental conditions. Available for 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-core cables, with hot-melt or epoxy adhesive, the shapes guarantee simple and fast insulation and protection of cable branch points where it splits into single wires.

Heat shrinkable end caps to protect cables against moisture and damage during transport and storage. They can be used as insulating caps for low voltage cables (0.6/1kV). They are designed for use on both polymeric and paper insulated, lead jacketed cables which may include aluminium or steel armouring. An internal adhesive lining ensures a tight environmental seal. The products offer a high shrink ratio, minimising the number of sizes needed. The caps can be fitted with air valves suitable for use with pressurised cable applications.

Heat shrinkable pinched end caps with a shrink ratio of 3:1, from HellermannTyton’s PEC series. These are designed for mechanical protection and to prevent dust and moisture from entering small diameter cables. The glue which coats the caps on the inside and the adhesive plug provide effective protection against moisture. Due to their simple and quick installation, the end caps are also ideal for the general protection of small chassis and pipes. Models of various diameters available.

We also offer special military-grade heat shrinkable moulded shapes for use in the aerospace, arms and shipbuilding industries, as well as in electrical engineering and rolling stock. Manufactured by HellermannTyton, our products meet all safety standards and hold certificates and approvals such as VG 95343. Made from materials of the highest quality, military shapes are extremely durable and resistant to diesel fuel, mechanical damage and harmful environmental conditions.

The wide selection of shape models guarantees secure protection of cables when splitting electrical installations and will provide effective strain relief, especially at the splitting points. The products also allow cables to be clearly arranged and marked. Our 2-way up to 4-way outlet shapes, angle boots, ribbed or flattened shapes and many others are ideal for reinforcing cable harnesses, providing effective protection against damage and tearing out. They relieve strain and have very good insulating properties, especially when used with the correct adhesive.

Heat shrinkable bottle shape with rib from the Helashrink 150 series. It provides strain relief, mechanical protection and environmental sealing and is used in conjunction with circular grooved adaptors to prevent the plug pulling out. Shrink ratio of 5:1, with W24 adhesive, complies with VG 95343 T06 B 004 A.

A right-angle heat shrinkable shape from the Helashrink 1100 series with ribbing, designed for use with round plugs and thin wires, for example for plugs with a small number of pins. Used in conjunction with a circular, grooved adaptor, it is used for strain relief and environmental sealing. VG-style, with a shrink ratio of 3:1, it is ideal for use in the aerospace, defence and shipbuilding industries, as well as rolling stock and electrotechnical wholesale.

Heat shrinkable T-shape from the Helashrink 1200 series, VG style, with a shrink ratio of 3:1, provides strain relief, sealing and protection against mechanical damage on cable harnesses. Made from diesel-resistant material, it is ideal for use in the aerospace, defence and shipbuilding industries, as well as rolling stock and electrotechnical wholesale.

3-way outlet heat shrinkable moulded shape from the Helashrink 300 series. VG style, with a shrink ratio of up to 3.5:1 is designed for mechanical protection, environmental sealing and stress relief for three-wire cables. All outlets are clearly marked to aid orientation during installation. Most commonly used in the aerospace, defence and shipbuilding industries, as well as in rolling stock and the electrotechnical wholesale trade.

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