Self-amalgamating tapes

The self-amalgamating tapes available in our offer were produced by the renowned brand HellermannTyton, which guarantees the highest quality at an affordable price. Our offer includes tapes suitable for insulation of both low voltages (up to 1kV) and high voltages (up to 69kV). They are made of durable and at the same time flexible ethylene-propylene rubber, characterised by excellent resistance to electric discharges. They provide effective protection against UV radiation, moisture, corrosion and chemicals. Thanks to self-amalgamating properties, the tapes form a void-free and airtight insulation, and are also suitable for outdoor use. 

Self-amalgamating tapes do not have an adhesive layer, which makes them ideal for temporary protection, as their removal does not leave any traces. The tapes are applied to clean, dry surfaces and are stretched and wrapped around the shapes. Once applied, the tape shrinks and returns to its original shape, resulting in a permanent, tight seal. Application is quick and easy, no tools are required, and removal is done by simply cutting the tape. The self-amalgamating tapes are used in the hydraulic, agricultural and automotive industries, among others. High resistance and the ability to operate at extreme temperatures make it possible to use these tapes in working machinery.

Self-amalgamating HTAPE POWER600 tape is made from natural rubber and used for low voltage applications. Used as primary insulation for cable splices up to 1kV or insulation in areas of low voltage up to 600V. Compatible with all extruded dielectric cable insulations, it has good weather resistance and is self-extinguishing according to UL 510. It easily suitable to any, even irregular shapes and surfaces, providing a tight, solid insulation layer. It is recommended to use it alongside HelaTape Flex as external insulation.

Self-amalgamating rubber insulation tape for low voltage applications. Designed for sealing and padding cable jackets up to 1 kV. It has excellent resistance to moisture, salt water, ozone, oil and chemicals, as well as perfect adhesion to metal and all types of insulation and cable jackets. Highly resistant to ageing. The high flexibility of the tape guarantees easy moulding by hand to conform to irregular shapes, even at low temperatures. Used together with HelaTape Flex, it provides additional mechanical protection.

A self-amalgamating and self-cleaning, chemically cross-linked silicone rubber tape designed for use with high temperature silicone insulated cables and outdoor machinery and transformers. After application it quickly fuses into a solid mass. The triangular cross-section with centre line allows precise half-overlapping. The tape is extremely resistant to creepage and surface erosion, as well as to weather, UV radiation and oils. The non-adhesive surface prevents contamination and suppresses leakage currents.

This self-amalgamating rubber tape is designed for insulating and jacketing cable splices at voltages up to 69kV. It is also suitable for sealing cable terminations and electrical connections, repairing damaged cable jackets and protecting bus bars against corrosion and contact. The tape provides a void-free, electrical stable insulation layering and has excellent resistance to corona, moisture, ozone, UV radiation, chemicals and corrosion. It contains no halogen compounds and is compatible with all extruded dielectric cable insulations.

Non-adhesive, self-amalgamating, linerless rubber tape for insulating and jacketing of cable splices, terminations, bus bars and cable joints with voltages up to 69kV. It has excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties. The adhesive-free application saves working time and the high flexibility of the tape allows it to conform to even complex, irregular shapes. The lack of liner also reduces the amount of waste produced during assembly. The tape is compatible with all extruded dielectric cable insulations and forms a uniform and void-free electrical insulation layer.

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