Circular saw blades

Circular saw blades

Diamond and other circular saw blades allow for precise and fast cutting of many materials.

Professional circular saw blades are universal accessories for power tools. Most commonly used as a handheld saws or table saws. They are exceptionally effective in cutting uneven and abrasive materials. Our product range includes circular saw blades for wood, aluminium and special applications, as well as a variety of diamond circular saw blades.

Irwin diamond circular saw blades are suitable for cutting natural stone, stoneware, concrete or ceramic tiles. The universal versions can also be used as diamond saw blades for glass. The entire range of diamond saw blades comply with DIN EN 13236 and have a very long durability.

Continuous rim diamond circular saw blades are perfect for ceramic tiles. They ensure a precise and clean cut in all types of ceramic tiles. They have excellent performance in stationary machines with cooling. Diameter range: 115 – 230 mm.

TURBO diamond circular saw blades are ideal for clean and precise cutting of hard building materials. They are ideal for cutting bricks, ceramic tiles, stoneware, concrete and natural stone. Moreover, they ensure higher speed and accuracy compared to segmented circular saw blades. Diameter range: 115- 230 mm.

The ALU series aluminium circular saw blade is designed for cutting all types of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, lead, as well as plastics. Aluminium circular saw blade combines precision with unrivalled quality. A longer durability compared to traditional saw blades is guaranteed. The metal circular saw blade has alternating flat (FTG type) and “trapeze” teeth (TCG type), which ensures an ideal cutting quality. Teeth with tungsten carbide stay sharper longer and are suitable for subsequent sharpening. The metal circular saw blade is designed for professional use.

The woodworking series of circular saw blades includes several types of professional circular saw blades for use in all conditions. Irwin Construction wood cutting blade has a hardness of 39-45 HRC and alternate teeth for rip and cross cutting of all types of wood. The carbide teeth stay sharper longer and are suitable for subsequent sharpening. The Marples wood cutting blade is a circular saw blade designed for cutting wood with nails and non-ferrous metals. Circular saw blades can be used as a circular saw, hand saw or table saw. The special circular saw blade for wood Marples MULTI PRO is very thin and hardened to 42-48 HRC. It ensures easier cutting of wood and saving of batteries.

Universal circular saw blades

Universal circular saw blades are designed for various applications and materials. Blades from the Marples MULTI and MULTI universal series have triple-ground TCG teeth. They are hardened or laser cut and have a top quality carbide additive. They are designed for use with table saws and hand saws.

MULTICUT PRO circular saw blade was designed to provide superior cutting performance in a variety of materials. This is a very efficient circular saw blade with increased resistance when cutting metal components. It has flat ground teeth and hardened surface of 40-45 HRC, which makes the blade suitable for cutting the toughest materials.