Drill bits

Drill bits

Due to their special design and materials, Irwin drill bits are considered to be among the best on the market. Appropriate adjustment of the drill bit type to the thread, material and tool type ensures that the holes are drilled quickly and precisely. Drill bits are reliable for long and hard work, even in industrial conditions. Most are manufactured in Joran’s Danish factory, which guarantees the highest quality and durability. Drill bits for professionals are suitable for a wide range of applications and are available individually or in sets.

Extremely durable and strong drill bits for metal are produced at the Danish Irwin factory Joran. Depending on the material, design and intended use, they are divided into HSS drill bits, cobalt drill bits, titanium drill bits, carbide drill bits and the type called step drill bits. They are mostly equipped with cylindrical shank and are produced according to DIN 338 and DIN 340 standards. High-powered metal drill bits are suitable for continuous machine operation in many industrial sectors.

High Speed Steel drill bits

Turbomax HSS drill bits – metal drill bits made of hardened high speed steel HSS W9 (hardness approx. 63-66 HRC). They have extraordinary wear resistance, high hardness and sharpness, and heat resistance. Designed for high performance drilling in metal surfaces with portable drills. Turbomax HSS drill bits are also suitable for all types of wood and plastic. 100° point angle provides the most precise centring (eliminates walking) – no slipping, no centre punching, even on curved surfaces. 140°point angle creates perfectly round clean and smooth holes. It also eliminates jamming in the material layers. The three-flatted shank guarantees a secure and safe grip. This enables very fast and easy drilling with little pressure.

Cobalt drill bits

PRO-Co Cobalt HSS drill bits – metal drill bits constructed of M-35 5% cobalt high speed steel. Surface hardened with gold. In compliance with DIN 338. Designed for drilling in stainless steel and acid-resistant and heat-resistant steel. Cobalt drill bits are durable and hard even at high temperatures (the so-called red heat temperature). 135° split-point tip reduces the pressure during drilling and ensures efficiency and perfect centring, eliminates “walking.” The polished spiral guarantees precise drilling and fast dust removal.

Titanium nitride drill bits

Irwin HSS Pro-TiN Titanium Drill Bits

They are extremely fast and precise. The high-speed steel drill bit body has been coated with a layer of titanium nitride (TiN). This coating guarantees exceptional strength and hardness of the drill bit (approx. 80 HRC). In addition, the TiN coating prevents the drill bit from heating up (low friction coefficient). The heat generated during operation is transferred mainly to the chips and coolant. These properties make TiN drill bits have a very long lifespan. The speed of titanium drill bits is 40-60% faster than traditional high speed steel drill bits.  

Carbide drill bits

TCT drill bits 

Metal drill bits with tungsten carbide tip, manufactured in compliance with DIN 338. Designed for drilling in hard and untreated materials such as metals, hardened steel and cast iron. The body is made of chromium – vanadium steel, hardened to 56 HRC. However, the tungsten carbide tip allows drilling in materials with a hardness of up to 50 HRC. The carbide grind ensures accurate centring and reduces pressure during drilling. The ground and deepened double helix provides more space for the removal of excavated material. TCT metal drill bits are designed for use in stationary drills. During drilling it is necessary to always use coolant.

Step drill bits


Metal drill bits designed for drilling in thin materials – such as mild steel, copper, brass, aluminium, plexiglass, wood, and laminate. The body is made of industrial M7 high-speed steel. The step drill bit has a self-centring tip that prevents slippage and eliminates the need for centre punching. The flattened cylindrical shank prevents the drill bit from slipping out of the chuck. The single helix blade ensures accurate clean holes. The helix, on the other hand, guarantees maximum control when drilling through metal sheets and more space for chips removal.

All Irwin masonry drill bits are manufactured in the Danish factory Joran. These include cylindrical shank drill bits and SDS drill bits. The high-performance rotary percussion masonry drill bit with cylindrical shank provides extremely efficient drilling, thanks to its precise cutting edges and effective dust removal. The strongest SDS drill bit is suitable even for reinforced concrete and will cope with the toughest working conditions. In addition, SDS plus drill bits have been awarded the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e.V. (PGM) certificate, which attests to their high quality.

Masonry drill bit Granite – is a drill bit with a carbide in the tip for longer life when drilling in very hard materials such as granite and concrete. Granite drill bits drill 40% more holes compared to standard masonry drill bits. They are mainly recommended for stonemasons due to their ability to impact drill in natural stone.

Masonry drill bit Masonry – popular drill bits for concrete, stone, ceramic tiles and brick. These are the most durable and fastest drill bits with a carbide in the tip on the market. They are accurate and up to 60% faster compared to other drill bits. They have high drilling power in all types of masonry and at the same time high durability and lifespan. These features will make the Masonry drill bit generate low hole drilling costs.

Speedhammer Max masonry drill bit – high-performance and extremely durable SDS drill bit for the most demanding tasks. Suitable for use with all impact drills with SDS-max shank. Drill bits with a carbide in the tip and SDS max shank are especially recommended for concrete – also reinforced concrete, granite and other natural stones. The single flute guarantees fast dust removal and increases drilling speed. The tip shape ensures the symmetry of the holes. Special blade takes 80% of the working load. Drill bits are equipped with 2 or 4 cutting edges.

Speedhammer Plus masonry drill bit – fully hardened, resistant, and fastest masonry drill bits. Suitable for all impact drills with SDS-plus shank. SDS-plus drill bits with a carbide in the tip provide very fast percussion drilling in masonry, concrete, brick, cobble, granite, and natural stone. The self-centring carbide tip (25% thicker) guarantees precise drilling, secure anchoring, and durability of the drill bit. The short head ensures that the material is carried straight into the flute, reducing clogging, minimizing vibration, and increasing overall drilling speed and bit life. The SDS plus drill bit is up to 20% faster than competitive products.

Speedhammer Power masonry drill bit – the strongest and most durable SDS plus drill bit. Thanks to their special tip design and doubled carbide content, these SDS bits are suitable for fast and continuous percussion drilling in natural stone, granite and even the hardest reinforced concrete. They have double the durability and performance. Equipped with 2 cutting edges for fast cutting of reinforcing bars. Maximized flute with outer groove removes dust quickly and improves heat dissipation, increasing penetration speed and extending life of the bit. Moreover, these drill bits are made from premium steel for increased core strength, maximum durability, and extended bit life.

Core drill bit – masonry drill bit for drilling large holes. It is also suitable for use in brick, natural stone, granite and aerated concrete (AAC). It is necessary to choose a suitable shank and an SDS max or SDS plus pilot drill bit. The heavy-duty core drill bit is designed for drilling holes with a diameter of 35-150 mm. It is designed for intensive use and demanding drilling in hard materials. The light-duty core drill is designed for fast drilling (30-80 mm) in concrete, brick, granite, natural stone and plasterboard.

Irwin auger, brad point and spade drill bits are specialistic tools for working with all types of wood. They are mostly equipped with hexagonal shanks that prevent them from falling out of the chuck. Auger drills, Blue Groove and Brad Point series, are irreplaceable for fast and precise drilling of smooth holes. The Blue Groove Power wood drill bit will even drill through material with nails. All tools are suitable for carpentry, furniture and industrial applications as well as for home use.

Auger wood drill bit – strong spiral augers that accurately drill even and secure holes. They have sharp cutting edges and a self-drilling tip for fast work with all types of wood. The wide flute speeds up chips removal. The special profile with a single ridge guarantees a smooth finish of the hole.

Blue Groove 6X wood drill bit – spiral wood drill bits, designed for very fast drilling. They make precise and clean holes in all types of wood. They are 6 times faster than other drill bits while also being extremely energy efficient. Cutting spurs guarantee reduced breakout and cleaner holes. The spiral tip facilitates centring and ensures easy handling and efficiency. Thanks to their compact length, these drill bits fit between the struts in most applications.

Blue Groove Power wood drill bit – patented wood drill bits, designed for demanding and continuous work. These are most durable twist drill bits for all types of wood, even with nails. In addition to the features typical of Blue Groove drill bits, they also have bimetal cutting edges that provide exceptional durability, even on tough applications. They are also 50 times more durable than drill bits from other companies.

Brad Point wood drill bit – universal twist drill bits with cylindrical shank. Suitable for all types of wood. They ensure drilling of even holes and reduction of splinters. The sharp tip centres the drill accurately and securely before beginning to work. Brad Point drill bits are irreplaceable in the production of furniture, dowelling, carpentry, and any work in wood, as well as wherever it is necessary to make precise and clean holes.

Blue Groove 4X wood drill bit – a spade drill bit designed for very fast drilling. The specially designed blade cuts through wood 4 times faster than standard flat wood drill bits and accelerates chip removal. Double cutting spurs scratch the outside of the hole, reducing the chance of wood breakage and ensuring clean holes. The thicker cutting edge extends the lifespan of the drill bit and the enlarged hexagonal shank provides additional reinforcement.

Each non-impact glass drill bit, diamond drill bit and tile drill bit is manufactured by the Irwin factory Joran. All of the following tools have a cylindrical shank and are safe for materials.

Cordless Multi drill bits are universal drill bits exclusively for impact-free drilling. They are suitable for all types of work and for many materials such as: brick, cellular concrete, ceramic tiles (with scratch hardness up to 9), wood, thin sheet metal, plasterboard, limestone, marble and plastics. Also used as a drill bit for stoneware. Cordless drill bits are particularly suitable for use with cordless drills. They have a single helix and a unique diamond-cut tungsten carbide tip.

Diamond drill bits are designed for fast and smooth impact-free drilling in all types of hard and soft tiles. A diamond drill bit is often used as a drill bit for stoneware. When using a diamond drill bit, it is recommended to drill with a coolant (e.g. water), this increases tool durability.

Flat drill bits for glass, bottles, porcelain, ceramics, and ceramic tiles (also stoneware drill bit). The glass drill bit easily drills holes without causing damage to the material. Suitable for drilling at low rotational speed with the use of a coolant.

The practical and compact sets contain drill bits of all types and sizes. Drill bits for metal, concrete, wood, glass and tiles are packed in convenient cases – such as clearly labelled cassettes, lightweight sachets and blister packs.

The forging tools are manufactured in the Danish factory Irwin Joran. All tools are suitable for work in masonry and concrete, with SDS-plus or SDS-max impact drills. The series for forging Speedhammer includes pointed and narrow chisels for general forging and breaking in brick, concrete and loose stone (e.g. cable laying, demolition work), and wide chisels for masonry and concrete – for removing large amounts of material.

These are extensions designed for Auger twist drill bits and Blue Groove 4X spade drill bits for wood. The extensions from the Quick Change series for various drill bits, and much more, are equipped with a special Lock-n-Load system, which allows one-handed quick release. The group of magnetic holders for drill bits includes universal holders, with SDS-plus chuck, with screw guide and with Quick-Release chuck mechanism.

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