Silicone adhesives

Silicone adhesives are excellent products for elastic bonding of silicone rubber, metal, ceramics and glass. Silicone (RTV silicone rubber) has excellent adhesion to many different materials without the requirement for primers. Silicone adhesives are also virtually the only product for bonding silicone (silicone rubber). They form a flexible joint which is resistant to vibrations, stresses and the work of individual surfaces.

Some silicone adhesives (Elastosil E14, Elastosil E10) are resistant to very high temperatures. The term high-temperature silicone is even commonly used. Standard silicone adhesive is resistant to temperatures up to 150°C in continuous operation, and high-temperature silicone adhesives, i.e. silicone adhesives with special additives up to 250-275°C. There are also adhesives that are non-flammable and UL94 V0 compliant, such as Elastosil N9111 and Elastosil N2197.

Depending on the type of vapour emitted, RTV-1 silicone adhesives are classified into three groups:

1.   Acidic systems (acetoxy), releasing acetic acid vapour

2.  Alkaline systems, releasing amine compounds

3.  Neutral systems, releasing either oxime compounds or alcohol vapour (alkoxy)

Single-component silicone adhesives by Wacker Chemie

RTV-1 silicone adhesives are one-component silicone compounds that cure at room temperature from air humidity. They are characterised by very good adhesion to the substrate and comfort of use.


The best transparent silicone adhesive on the market. It is a one-part, non-slump to self-levelling silicone adhesive (acidic system). It cures at room temperature and forms a permanently flexible silicone rubber with very good mechanical properties.

Application: for bonding silicone (silicone rubber) to various materials and components exposed to vibration or high temperatures up to 150°C. It can also be used for sealing housings and connectors. Due to the release of acetic acid vapour during curing, the product is not recommended for use when in contact with copper.


A non-slump, neutral-cure silicone adhesive with excellent mechanical properties (oxime system). The adhesive cures at room temperature and forms an elastic joint with very high tear strength. It has transparent colour.

Application: The product is used for bonding heavier components on printed circuit boards, components sensitive to corrosion, components exposed to vibrations and silicone rubber. It can also be used to seal housings and connectors. It is successfully used for gluing solar panels into frames and for fixing.


A one-component, non-sag acetoxy-cure silicone adhesive with great heat resistance (acidic system). It cures at room temperature under the influence of atmospheric moisture and forms an elastic joint with good mechanical properties. Due to special additives (iron oxide) the silicone adhesive has a red colour and excellent heat stability (in long term 200°C, peak temperature up to 250°C).

Application: High temperature adhesive for glass, metal and ceramics.


A transparent, non-slump, thermally curable, addition curing one-part RTV-2 silicone adhesive. The curing process is initiated by elevated temperatures. The adhesive cures depending on temperature even in a few minutes and forms an elastic bond with very good tensile strength.

Application: High-temperature adhesive for bonding glass, metal and other materials exposed to vibrations or high temperatures. Due to its high price, it is used only where RTV-1 silicone adhesives have too long cure time, unacceptable for technological reasons.

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