SCRUBS cleaning towels


SCRUBS is a part of the ITW Industrial Solution, which has been manufacturing and developing high-quality products for cleaning, maintenance, bonding and sealing, among other things, for half a century. SCRUBS specialises in cleaning products, including pre-moistened cleaning towels for a variety of applications, such as cleaning hands, tools and stainless steel surfaces, and removing graffiti and spray paint.

The blue SCRUBS cleaner towels provide a mobile, highly efficient hand cleansing and parts cleaning system. Pre-moistened, they quickly and effectively remove even intense dirt, such as heavy grease, oils, tar, wax, soot, paint, ink, and residues of adhesives, sealants and polyurethane. The wipes are biodegradable and antibacterial. The smooth side of the towel is used to gently, but effectively clean hands, without stripping the skin of its natural oils, while the serrated side can be used to remove stubborn dirt from used tools. The fresh orange scent ensures a pleasant user experience. The towels are available in convenient single packs and in buckets of 15, 30 or 72.

The grey SCRUBS towels designed for quick and easy removal of graffiti and spray paint are saturated with a high-quality graffiti remover formula. The liquid effectively dissolves the paint, allowing the absorbent wipe to soak up and hold the residue, preventing re-deposition on the surface. The wipes are abrasive but non-scratching, preventing any damage to the surface being cleaned. Available in buckets of 30.

The yellow, pre-moistened SCRUBS towels effectively clean, polish and brighten stainless steel surfaces, while also providing protection against corrosion. They successfully prevent water marks and ensure a high luster and neat appearance of the cleaned surface. Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, drinking fountains and elevators. The towels are available in convenient single packs or in buckets of 30.