Sumitube heat-shrinkable tubing

koszulka termokurczliwa Sumitube

A while back, Skład Techniczny began cooperation with SUMITOMO ELECTRIC FINE POLYMER INC, a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality heat shrink tubing made of radially cross-linked plastics.

SUMITUBE is a family of flexible thin-walled heat shrink tubing with a transverse shrinkage. Flame-retardant and self-extinguishing, the B2 (2:1) series tubing has no adhesive lining and allows printing. Quick shrinking rate and a and relatively low (90°C) shrinking temperature guarantee fast and pleasant work.  

The tubing is available in a wide range of sizes – from 1.2mm to even 101.6mm, as well as in different colours, for additional cable marking and organising. Various material options are also available – polyolefin, fluoropolymer and thermoplastic elastomer. 

SUMITUBE tubing is widely used in applications such as bundling, thermal protection and protection against corrosion, and insulation of cables and electrical harnesses. The products meet stringent industrial, aerospace and military standards.