HellermannTyton logo

HellermannTyton is a leading supplier of specialised products for bundling, fixing, insulating, protecting, connecting, marking and installing wires and cables. HellermannTyton GmbH was founded in 1935 and continues to grow steadily. Its headquarters in Germany are located in Tornesch, a town near Hamburg. A wide range of high-quality products and constantly upgraded cable management solutions make HellermannTyton the experts’ choice.

HellermannTyton’s offer includes:

Bundling and fixing products:
– inside serrated cable ties
– outside serrated cable ties
– cable ties with fixing elements
– special application cable ties
– releasable cable ties (reusable)
– stainless steel cable ties
– acid-resistant stainless steel cable ties
– cable tie mounts
– fixing elements for cables and wires
– fixing elements for corrugated tubing
– clips and clamps
– other fixing elements

Insulation products:
– heat shrink moulded shapes
– standard heat shrink tubing
– standard adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing
special application heat shrink tubing
– heat shrink tubing sets
– chloroprene hoses
– chloroprene sleeves
– electrical tapes
– self-amalgamating tapes

Cable protection:
PVC corrugated tubing
– steel corrugated tubing
– steel corrugated tubing with plastic coating
– flexible corrugated tubing
– PVC corrugated tubing accessories
– steel corrugated tubing accessories
– coated steel corrugated tubing accessories
– flexible corrugated tubing accessories
– cable wraps
– spiral wraps
– protective sleeves
– edge protection
– grommets

Identification systems:
– slide-on cable markers
– clip-on cable markers
– marking plates
– cable ties with identification plates
– self-adhesive labels for manual description and for laser and thermal transfer printers
– self-laminating, self adhesive identification tags for manual description and for laser and thermal transfer printers
– thermal transfer heat shrink tags
– thermal transfer heat shrink tubing
– thermal transfer printers + accessories
– marking design software Tagprint Pro
– thermal transfer ribbons

Installation joints:
– wire connectors

– manual cable tie guns
– pneumatic cable tie guns
– cable installation tools
– gas-powered heat guns
– electrical hot air tool
three-pronged pliers for sleeves and grommets