The IRWIN company was founded in 1884 in the USA by Charles Irwin, an apothecary in Martinsville, Ohio. Along with his friend, a local blacksmith, he came up with the idea of creating a robust centering drill, and that is how IRWIN Industrial Tools was created. Since then, the company has been designing and manufacturing tools of the highest quality, meeting the most strict of industry standards. Today, IRWIN Industrial Tools is a known and respected global company. Continuous improvement of tools and high-quality customer service have ensured the trust and loyalty of customers demanding maximum durability and efficiency. IRWIN tools work better, longer and more effectively, guaranteeing satisfaction, reliability and robustness.

Our offer of IRWIN hand tools and power tool accessories includes:

A wide range of high-quality drill bits, manufactured in the Irwin Danish factory:

Concrete drill bits:
– cylindrical shank drill bits
– SDS-max drill bits
– SDS-plus drill bits
– crown drill bits

Wood drill bits:
– spiral drill bits
– flat drill bits

Metal drill bits:
– HSS drill bits
– cobalt drill bits
– titanium drill bits
– multi-stage drill bits
– tungsten carbide drill bits

Glass and tile drill bits:
– non-impact Cordless Multi drills bits
– diamond gland and tile drill bits

– forging accessories
– accessories for different drill bits
practical drill bit sets

High-quality circular saw blades for professional use:
– diamond circular saw blades
– aluminium circular saw blades
– woodworking circular saw blades
– universal circular saw blades

Sabre saw blades: universal, masonry, wood and metal sabre saw blades

Jigsaw blades:
wood jigsaw blades
metal jigsaw blades
specialty jigsaw blades

Hole saws:
– bi-metal hole saws
– accessories

– Phillips bits
– Pozidriv bits
– Torx bits
– flat bits
– hex bits
– bit sets
– bit accessories

Irwin hand tools include:

Pliers, cutters and pincers:
– pincers and cutters
– pliers
water pump pliers
– locking pliers
– plier sets
Insulated pliers for electricians (Vise-Grip)

Clamps and expanders:
– universal clamps
screw clamps

Saw and saw blades:
– hand saws
– frame saws
– Japanese saws
– saw blades (frame saw blades, bow saw blades)

Shears for sheet metal and rods + spare jaws

Utility knives and blades:
– universal knives
breakaway and trapezoid blades

Keys, spanners and nut drivers:
– hex keys
– L-keys (Torx)
– adjustable spanners
– sets

Chisels and planers:
– woodworking chisels
– wood planers

Vices and accessories

Measuring tools

Other accessories:
– work gloves and kneepads
– toolbags