PPI Adhesive Products

PPI Adhesive Products Ltd is an Irish company, originally established in 1970. In 1971 it commenced production on the Waterford Industrial Estate, where the firm’s own Research and Development Center is currently headquartered, constantly working on developing new, innovative solutions and products. Today, PPI Adhesive Products operates in 55 countries all around the world. Considered a leading manufacturer of technical adhesive tapes for industrial use, PPI also offers fully customised laminates and blanks, ideally tailored to individual customer requirements and specifications. 

The high-quality products have been tested for compliance with all international standards, including: VDE, EN, DIN, BS, IEC, ASTM, UL, MIL, AFERA and CEN. PPI was one of the first adhesive tape companies to receive ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification, is currently ISO 9001:2015 certificatied.


PPI’s offer include:

Insulating tapes:
A wide range of electrical insulation tapes based on films, paper and cloth combinations, with various adhesive layer options, such as rubber, acrylic and silicones. PPI offers high-quality electrical machine phase and slot insulation tapes, oil-filled or electrical transformer tapes, as well as tear-resistant, specially impregnated tapes coated with teflon and fibreglass. The products are available in heat classes from Y to H (up to 180º), supplied on rolls of different dimensions, for applications in temperatures as high as 400°C.

Shielding tapes:
PPI shielding tapes designed for applications requiring reliable point-to-point electrical contact, particularly EMI shielding, grounding and static charge draining. Made of copper foil, aluminum foil or tin clad copper foil, the tapes are available in a wide range of thicknesses.

Thermally conductive tapes:
Pressure sensitive thermal management tapes that combine rapid and permanent component positioning with component protection, providing an effective and affordable thermal management solution. The products dissipate heat from sensitive components and devices throughout their lifetime, they serve as thermal interfaces for bonding heat sinks onto electronic devices to protect them from damage due to overheating. PPI’s aluminum and polyamide-based tapes are ideal for use in the growing LED lighting industry.

Masking tapes:
PPI’s specialist range of tapes for masking and surface protection includes Plasma/Thermal Spray masking tapes, HVOF, Powder Coat, and Anodising/ Electro Plating masking tapes. The Electronic range offers masking products for electrostatic dissipation, wave soldering processes and PCB production (gold plating). PPI masking tapes are made of a variety of specialist materials to ensure the requirements of each individual application are met. The products are distinguished by their high chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. They are suitable for use also on uneven surfaces, and the available base material thickness ranges from 25 µm to 190 µm. The different colours of the tapes further facilitate visual inspection.

Other tapes:
PPI Adhesive Products also manufactures a wide range of high-adhesion double-sided adhesive tapes for both temporary and permanent mounting and laminating applications. They provide clean and efficient fixing of objects on various surface types, in industries such as automotive, electronics and lighting.

With its independent Research and Development Center, the company is constantly engaged in developing new products, as well as innovative production techniques. PPI is the market leader in developing custom-made precision die-cuts.

Technical Adhesive Products Ltd. (TAP) is a company within the PPI group which manufactures and distributes precision die-cut components available in a wide variety of shapes and thicknesses for electronic and electrical applications, among others. TAP offers high-quality fully-customised products, specifically tailored to each customer’s individual needs and requirements.