Rocol is a UK-based company, currently part of the ITW group. It is a leading manufacturer of top-quality industrial lubricants and other chemical formulations for applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine, food, pharmaceuticals and many others.

The Rocol products we offer are divided into the following categories:

Lubricating and protective agents

More than 200 different products:

AEROSPEC — a series of aerospace greases. They perform efficiently at extremely low temperatures and extreme pressure, providing great protection against corrosion. Most products are applicable for marine use. Some, such as AEROSPEC 210, are suitable for machine guns and small arms, as they are adapted to operate in hot, dusty environments.

CHAIN & DRIVE – a series of high-performance chain and conveyor lubricants in aerosol form. The CHAIN GUARD Hi-Load spray, which contains molybdenum disulphide, is designed for use on chains operating under heavy loads, such as those in forklifts.

BAKERLUBE – high-temperature chain and conveyor lubricant. Designed for bakery oven chains, under conditions of extreme pressure

DRY MOLY – a high-purity dry film molybdenum disulphide paste for use where wet lubricant cannot be tolerated. It is an assembly lubricant for sliding surfaces such as plain bearings, pins, cams and slides designed to reduce friction and therefore increase life of moving parts in highly corrosive environments.

ANTI-SEIZE – nickel-based anti-seize paste. Particularly suitable for use in extreme, high-temperature environments such as furnaces and exhaust systems, as well as on docks and offshore platforms. Suitable for long-term moisture exposure, they also perform well in salt water.

SAPPHIRE – a wide selection of heavy-duty, high-temperature greases for effective lubrication and protection of various types of bearings used in extreme conditions. Depending on the type, SAPPHIRE products are designed for use in various industrial sectors, including food and pharmaceutical. Reinforced with molybdenum disulphide and suitable for heavy loads, MHT GREASE and MTS 1000 are also used as lubricating agents, while MX33 is designed for use in extremely low temperatures.

HT70 – bearing grease designed for the lubrication of slow speed plain and anti-friction bearings operating at extremely high temperatures, where ordinary greases leave heavy deposits causing blockages and jamming that can eventually lead to bearing failure

TUFGEAR – a series of heavy-duty open gear lubricants, designed for the effective lubrication and protection of gears used in extreme environments

TUFLUBE – extreme heavy-duty lubricants for protecting heavily loaded mechanisms operating in wet and corrosive conditions. Ideal for jacking and open gear systems in marine, offshore and freshwater environments

ULTRAGLIDE – a series of machine tool slideway lubricants

RTD – a series of metal cutting lubricants

RT15 – perfluoropolyether-based grease, oxygen resistant, with the ability to resist degradation in hostile conditions

ULTRAFORM – high-performance, low viscosity cold metal forming lubricant

WEAPON GUARD – a series of products for lubricating, cleaning and protection of small arms and light calibre weapons 

WIRE ROPE  – highly resistant to water, semi-fluid lubricants and sprays for protecting wire ropes from corrosion

WIRESHIELD  – pseudoplastic wire rope dressing, easily penetrates into the core of the rope, offers outstanding corrosion protection

BIOGEN WIRESHIELD – high performance, biodegradable, environmentally acceptable wire rope lubricant

FOODLUBE – a large group of lubricants designed for use in clean environments, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. A wide variety of chain, conveyor and bearing lubricants suitable for rollers, links and pins, sliders, bushings, pulleys, also includes formulations for lubricating can sealers, bakery oven chains and pin chains in the canning industry. The FOODLUBE series includes waterproof lubricants made for drive chains and conveyors operating above the food production line, where grease dripping is unacceptable, e.g. slaughterhouses and processing plants. Some products, such as FOODLUBE Extreme provide excellent corrosion protection, even in wet conditions, in applications such as dairies, meat processing and abattoirs, additionally protecting the parts from microbial activity, as they contain an anti-microbial compound. We also offer FOODLUBE Autolube – an electromechanical automatic lubrication system, as well refill cartridges, for a wide range of applications including bearings, slides and bushes within clean industries.

PUROL – a non-toxic, multifunctional, extreme pressure lubricant designed for direct food contact applications. Provides effective lubrication and protection of seals, guides, bearings and blades.

PRECISION SILICONE – food grade, high performance, non-toxic silicone lubricant spray. The product forms a colourless, non-stick film with wide temperature stability for use on slides, chutes, bearings and conveyors.

GLASSFLO – a series of lubricants designed for the glass industry, used for wire mesh belts, slide plates, scoops, troughs and deflectors used on all types of glass forming delivery equipment.

METALFLO – a series of dispersions designed for the lubrication of all types of hot metal working tools, including press and drop hamper dies, particularly dies and pegs in hot brass and copper stamping. Can also be used as a parting agent in gravity die casting or for the processing of hot metals, especially in hammer and press forging.

M23660 GAS TAP – molybdenum disulphide assembly and sealing lubricant designed for gas appliances (gas taps and taper plug valves)

OT20 – perfluoropolyether-based grease designed for oxygen systems, suitable for extremely high loads and aggressive environments. It does not have a detrimental effect on rubbers, plastics or metals, ideal for use in sub-sea equipment, breathing apparatuses, respirators and others.

BELT DRESSING – food grade conditioning spray for most types of belt drives, including those operating in damp and wet environments

ULTRAGRIND CARBIDE – high performance synthetic grinding fluid designed for centreless and cylindrical grinding operations on hard metals. It inhibits the leaching of cobalt and promotes excellent surface finish, while keeping the grinding wheel clean.


Oils and Pastes

The large selection of Rocol oils available in our shop includes gearbox fluids, as well as hydraulic, airline and compressor oils in a wide range of viscosity levels, with anti-wear additives extending the intervals between oil changes. We also offer anti-seize pastes for precision parts.

SAPPHIRE Hi-Power – a product series maximising power transfer in machines while lubricting and dissipating heat, thus effectively protecting their components from wear, extending service life

FOODLUBE and PUROL – food grade oils available in a variety of viscosities

VAC PUMP – high-performance, food grade vacuum pump oils

ULTRACUT – oils designed for extreme pressure cutting and thread grinding


Anti-corrosion agents

PX28 – military grade corrosion preventative, designed for the preservation and corrosion inhibition of the interior surfaces of hollow sections of automotive and vehicle underbodies

PX32 –  military grade corrosion preventative for the preservation and corrosion inhibition of structural members of airframes, interior surfaces of aircraft skins, bare metal and certain paint systems.

AEROSPEC PROTECT SPRAY – non-melting corrosion protective spray designed for use in the aerospace industry

GALVA – a series of cold galvanising, anti-corrosion sprays designed for components that cannot be galvanised using a hot dipping process. Durable, hydrophobic coating contains pure zinc, aluminium, synthetic resins and additives, ensuring triple protection against corrosion.

COLD GALVANISING – heavy duty cold galvanising spray, can be used to repair the surface of galvanised components that have been damaged or removed due to welding or other mechanical operations

Z30 – waxy film in aerosol form, designed for corrosion protection of various machinery parts and pieces of equipment

MOISTURE GUARD – a series of products, in fluid and aerosol form, forming a thin, almost dry corrosion and rust prevention film suitable for the temporary indoor protection of metal components

FOODLUBE PROTECT – heavy-duty, non-toxic corrosion protection spray, suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other clean environments


Sealants and fillers

FUELSEAL – high-pressure pipe sealant for metallic threaded and flanged joints, as well as threads and face connections, suitable for use with petrol, diesel and mineral oils

GASSEAL – non-setting pipe sealant for metallic threaded joints, designed for use with liquified gases and natural gas

HYLOMAR JOINTING – non-setting sealant and gasket compound for the effective sealing of metal to metal and most plastic to plastic components. Resistant to high temperatures, vibration, thermal expansion and contraction of joints.

METAL REPAIR COMPOUND – quick-cure, solvent-free permanent metal repair putty, designed to repair castings, valve and pump components. Binds to a wide range of substrates, ideal for filling cracks or holes.

OILSEAL – hard-setting pipe sealant designed for forming pressure tight seals. Ideally suited for use in places, where coarse threads are used.

RAPIDSEAL – rapid-curing thread sealant, designed for use on industrial metal pipework, with natural gas and LPG

STEAMSEAL – high-pressure, setting pipe sealant for metallic threaded and flanged joints

SAFE STEP – a series of rapid-setting, permanent repair compounds, suitable for all types of concrete, ideal for repairing roads, floors, runways, curbs, paths, manholes, lintels, drains, fixing street furniture and others.


Cleaners and degreasers

Rocol also produces specialised cleaners designed for various tasks:

HEAVY DUTY CLEANER – high-performance, heavy-duty, solvent-based cleaner perfect for cleaning industrial machinery, flooring, concrete and paving. Extremely powerful, it removes even the toughest dirt deposits, while remaining safe on metal, paint and most plastics.

SPATTER RELEASE – non-flammable spray designed for easy removal of weld spatter from metal surfaces, nozzles, jigs and fixtures

ULTRAGUARD SC – machine tool system cleaner, designed for use prior to recharging them with fresh cutting fluid. Effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds, it can be used whilst machine is in operation, guaranteeing no loss of production time.

ULTRACLEAN 2000 – alkaline cleaner for fast and easy removal of oils and greases, ideal for machinery, tools and engines. Suitable for Ultrasonic degreasers and pressure washers.

FLAWFINDER CLEANER – no-residue cleaner spray for visual detection of cracks or flaws, preparing surfaces for non-destructive testing. It also acts as an effective general purpose cleaner.

INDUSTRIAL CLEANER RAPID DRY – fast drying, multi-purpose industrial cleaner and degreasers, designed to remove grease, oil and workshop grime from all surfaces.

PRECISION AIR DUSTER – non-contact cleaner, particularly useful for gas fitters and plumbers on items such as gas fires and boilers, which collect dust readily, and are otherwise very difficult to clean

REMOVER & DEGREASER – citrus-solvent-based, highly effective, multi-purpose label remover and cleaner, in convenient aerosol form

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER – high performance stainless steel cleaner in aerosol form, suitable for use in the food, pharmaceutical, and other clean industries

ELECTRA CLEAN – ultra-fast drying cleaner spray designed for cleaning electronic equipment and components in and around food processing areas

FOAM CLEANER – universal, food safe foam cleaner designed for effectively cutting through grime, grease and dirt in in food preparation and food packing industries


Special preparations

Cutting and grinding fluids make up the largest part of this group of products:

V-cut – a series of cutting fluids designed for various metals, suitable for a wide range of metal working operations including turning, milling, grinding and drilling 

ULTRACUT EVO – a series of cutting fluids for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, combining outstanding extreme pressure performance and long sump life. Contain no biocides or skin sensitisers.

ULTRACUT 620 – extreme-pressure, chlorine-free, semi-synthetic water mix cutting fluid, can also be used as a grinding fluid

ULTRACUT 390H – general purpose cutting fluid with a unique corrosion inhibition package, compatible with both hard and soft water

ULTRACUT 370 – general purpose cutting and grinding fluid, tolerant to tramp oil

ULTRACUT 320 – emulsion cutting and grinding fluid, its semi-translucent blue colour provides good visibility of the workpiece.

ULTRACUT 255 HW – particularly resistant to hard water (above 250ppm) cutting fluid

TRI-Logic ALX — maximum life, extreme pressure cutting fluid for aluminium and its alloys

RTD Cleancut — hand applied metal cutting fluid, designed for use on a wide range of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, including copper, brass and aluminium, without the risk of staining


Ancillary products

TRI-Logic RTD — tapping fluid that fortifies cutting fluids, designed for selective application on arduous operations. The blend of lubricity and extreme pressure additives significantly reduce friction, extend tool life and improve surface finish. Suitable for use on CNC machines

ULTRAGRIND Premium — grinding fluid, designed for use with all types of grinding wheels, wet abrasive belts and abrasive cut-off wheels

PR Spray — silicone mould release agent, designed to give fast, efficient clean release in critical moulding applications

MOULD RELEASE — High performance PTFE-based mould release agent

PENETRATING Spray — release spray, designed for efficient loosening of fasteners when seized due to rust, scale, dirt or grime, powerful jet spray application allows for fasting-acting penetration, even after prolonged periods of seizure

LEAK DETECTOR — gas leak detection system in convenient aerosol form, designed for use on pipework carrying natural gas and LPG

FLAWFINDER DYE PENETRANT — precision crack detection dye penetrant spray, suitable for materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, ceramics, plastics, carbides, brass, copper and magnesium

SAFE STEP Anti-Slip — anti-slip spray, quick and easy to apply to metal, timber, fibreglass, marble and many other substrates, for both interior and exterior use. Along with it, high-performance primers SAFE STEP METAL PRIMER or SAFE STEP NON METAL PRIMER are used. The former is designed for blast cleaned steel, aluminium and galvanised materials, the latter for porous surfaces and as a sealer for floors.

GLASSFLO MPT – glass mould pre-treatment spray, prevents adhesion of ware to moulds and promotes excellent glass distribution