Sumitomo Electric

Founded in 1897 in Osaka, Japan, SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES LTD. (SEI) has extensive business operations in 5 industries: automotive, infocommunications, electronics, energy and environment, and industrial materials.

In the late 19th century, Japan was still dependent on expensive imported cables. Sumitomo Electric was one of the first companies to enter the electrical wire business, developing and bringing great benefits to the Japanese industry. Beginning with the production of copper and silicon copper wires, the company was the first in the country to produce underground high-voltage cables, and manufactured and installed the world’s longest submarine cables.

Since the company’s founding more than 120 years ago, the manufacturer has continually worked on developing new and innovative solutions, pushing forward the technical development of both Japan and the world at large. Today, the Sumitomo Electric Group has more than 280,000 employees, operating in more than 40 countries around the world.

SUMITOMO ELECTRIC FINE POLYMER INC (SFP), a subsidiary of SEI, manufactures high-quality heat shrink tubing – SUMITUBE and IRRAX. The tubing is made from cross-linked plastics such as polyolefin, fluorinated polymers and thermoplastic elastomers. Sumitomo Electric’s products significantly contribute to the development of the electronics, automotive, aerospace and many other industries.


Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer’s offer includes:

SUMITUBE heat-shrinkable tubing:
The top-quality thin wall SUMITUBE heat shrink tubing shrinks transversely when exposed to heat. Appropriate for many different applications, the tubing is used for bundling, thermal and corrosion protection, and insulation protection of electrical wires and harnesses. A wide range of products is available in various sizes (from 1.2 up to 101.6mm), in different colours and made of different raw materials such as polyolefin, fluorinated polymer and thermoplastic elastomer. The tubing is self-extinguishing and meets the highest industrial, aerospace and military standards.

IRRAX SLEEVE heat shrinkable tubing:
The IRRAX SLEEVE medium wall, adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing made of cross-linked polyolefin is designed for protecting various cables and pipes from corrosion. Suitable for outdoor use, it is waterproof and resistant to weather changes. Widely used in telecommunication, public works, plant buildings, and railways.

IRRAX TUBE heat shrinkable tubing:
Heat-resistant heat shrink IRRAX TUBE tubing is made of cross-linked plastics such as polyolefins, fluorinated polymers and thermoplastic elastomers. The tubing is used in a wide range of industries as thermal, mechanical and chemical protection for electrical cables and harnesses.