Varybond is a Swiss company, currently part of the ITW Spraytec Group. One of the leading manufacturers of specialised chemical products designed for the production, servicing and maintenance of vehicles, machinery and equipment, Varybond’s preparations find applications in many industry areas, including automotive, machinery, railroads and more.

The Varybond products we offer are divided into the following categories:

Cyanoacrylate adhesives: instant, transparent adhesives for universal applications, suitable for bonding plastics, rubber materials, ceramics, metals and others. Some of the adhesives are designed for bonding porous materials and rough and uneven surfaces, such as ferrites, sintered metals, wood, cork, leather, textiles and others. Different products have different viscosity. This group also includes cyanoacrylate gels, which are used to fill gaps.

Threadlocking adhesives: anaerobic or methacrylate, they have excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance. The various products have different degrees of strength – some are relatively easy to remove with common tools, while the removal of others is extremely difficult, or impossible. Depending on the type, some adhesives are highly resistant to heavy loads, some are resistant to solvents or to pressure (up to bursting pressure) and elevated temperatures.

Adhesives for the bonding of cylindrical fitting parts: anaerobic, single-component, quick-cure adhesives for fixing coaxial parts and bonding cylindrical fitting parts. Characterised by high durability, high resistance to acids and corrosives, they have excellent resistance to elevated temperatures and excellent adhesion properties on smooth surfaces. Some products contain stainless steel particles, which makes them particularly suitable for high-temperature applications and in places, where nickel cannot be present, e.g. on pipe fittings and flanges in steam and hot water systems, car exhaust systems and pumps. Other preparations distinguished by extremely high durability can be used for seating bearings on shafts and in housings and replacing mechanical locking elements such as wedges.

We also offer a special spray adhesive – Spray Adhesive Varybond VB 92 – for bonding large-area surfaces. It is suitable for fixing fabrics, sponge rubber, latex foam, leather, cardboard, imitation leather carpets as well as sound and thermal insulation, on both bare or painted metal and wooden substrates.

Pastes: high-temperature mounting pastes. Some products contain stainless steel particles and therefore can be used on pipe fittings and flanges in steam and hot water systems, car exhaust systems and pumps. We also offer ceramic, anti-seize, metal-and-graphite-free pastes with great chemical resistance, ideal for threaded joints on components exposed to high thermal loads.

Sealants: one-component anaerobic formulations for threaded joints. Depending on the type, sealants can be used for conical and cylindrical threaded metal fittings, for threaded pipe connections operating at high temperatures and requiring high resistance to media and for the mounting of stud bolts. We also offer the Magic Bond repair compound, which can be used to fill gaps and repair leaks in porous parts of casting moulds.

Cleaners and degreasers: highly efficient and effective preparations designed for cleaning various types of contaminants – grease, oil, glue and sealant residues, baked and hardened gaskets, paper labels and others. We also offer gentle cleaners for screens and keyboards.

Lubricating and protective agents: a wide range of universal lubricants, bearing greases, driving belt greases, as well as specialised products for precision instruments, tools, screws, springs, washers and pins. The preparations are designed for industry and all broadly defined workshop operations, which translates into a diverse choice of grammage – from 250g up to 100kg.

Anti-corrosive agents: available in both spray and putty form. Zinc-based products provide particularly strong protection against corrosion and are suitable for use on all ferrous metal elements. They also act as a great primer. Other preparations can be applied to all types of metals and alloys, and work well even on damp surfaces.

Special preparations: various types of chemical products for specialised tasks, such as rust removal, protection of welding nozzles from spatter and detection of spray leaks in all threaded connections of pipes, taps, valves or gas cylinders.



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