The colourful packaging of Varybond’s anaerobic adhesives

kleje anaerobowe Varybond

Varybond is a brand specialising in the production of adhesives, including anaerobic, threadlocking adhesives. Each of the manufacturer’s products is designed to provide reliable and durable protection, in a variety of applications.

The topic of threadlocking adhesives raises many questions, as the use of the wrong product can affect human safety. Many people wonder what type of adhesive to choose. There is no clear answer to this question, since the strength of the fastening should also be taken into account. If the joint in question will not be exposed to vibrations, then a light glue will suffice. If we want to achieve a permanent, practically unbreakable connection, we will opt for an adhesive that is difficult to dismantle. That way, we will achieve above-average durability, for a long period of time.

A distinguishing feature of Varybond anaerobic adhesives is the color of their caps, which is deliberately chosen. The colour of the cap makes it easy to identify the type and purpose of the adhesive, which is especially important for critical applications such as those in the arms industry or motorsport. Each colour signifies different properties and applications, as it is important to choose the right agents for your needs.

We can distinguish the following:

Green: (e.g. 12-71) for securing screw threads with high strength and low viscosity. The high viscosity provides additional gap-filling properties. Depending on the diameter of the thread, it is difficult or even impossible to break out or remove.

Orange: (e.g. 12-75) for securing bolts, nuts and pins bearing high loads. Resistant to high pressure (up to bursting pressure). Used in machine manufacturing, automotive service, on construction and agricultural machinery.

Blue: (e.g. 12-42 or 12-43) for medium strength and medium viscosity bolts. They ensure durable installation of stud bolts. 

Purple: (e.g. 12-22) for securing low strength and low viscosity screws. They are particularly suitable for use with threads made of materials such as stainless steel and plated surfaces.

Choosing the right threadlocking adhesive from the Varybond range depends on the type of bolts, the load they bear, and the conditions in which they will be used. Note that threadlocking adhesives are very efficient, so a small amount is enough to permanently connect two components. Although these substances are very simple to apply, it is necessary to use the correct amount, for the adhesive to take effect and cure properly. Varybond’s anaerobic adhesives most often take the form of a liquid, but the stronger the adhesive, the more dense its formula. The substance with the highest strength usually has the consistency of a thick paste.

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